Health Problems During Summer Season Cured With Puls (Pulsatilla Pratensis)


There are various homoeopathic medicines, which are very beneficial for peoples who got sick during summer. These are mainly Ant-C, Bell, Bry, Camph, Carb.V., Flouric-Acid, Gels, Glon, Ipecac, Kali Bi, Lach, Nat. Carb, and Puls.

In the starting of this summer, I got chance to treat two children with boils with Puls. One child was a girl whose case I had posted earlier. Her phase of boils in which boils were mostly located at the base of nose easily cleared by Puls. The main indications were that this girl was a Puls type girl i.e. easy to handle and gentle and location of the boils. Other pleasant, easy to handle, gentle children are of Sulphur, Phos, and Silicea. All of these homoeopathic medicines are well known for curing boils and abscess if given according to the symptoms. This girl lastly stopped having boils by Silicea 30C single dose.

The other case was that of a 1-year-old boy who was presented to the clinic with multiple boils and abscess all over her head particularly forehead for one week. This child was also pleasant and happy during the clinic visit, but with a foolish component in his behavior while the girl described above was very much bright mentally. Few doses of Puls 30 and Puls 200 cured the case just within 4 days with recurrence of boils. Main indications were pleasant boy with habit of playing excessively with water and bathing too much, which possibly cause his boils. Pulsatilla is a very good homoeopathic medicine for problems caused by excessive bathing/exposure to water in hot weather

Another case helped by Pulsatilla was that of a 24-year-old man with acute abdominal pain for about two days got instant relief with Puls 30 two doses at half hour interval. This man initially take some allopathic medicine for this pain, but did not find relief and came to me for his abdominal pain’s homeopathic treatment. His pain gone away just within one hour after the first dose of Pulsatilla. Here the indications were eating ghee after many years, hot weather, and eating stuffed red Chilli prickle with food. In the past I had treated a case of abdominal pain after eating stuffed red Chilli prickle with Bryonia followed by Pulsatilla in a 30-year-old male with constant pain in the periumbilical region for about 30 hours which got significantly improved within 30 minutes after taking Bryonia and completely gone after Pulsatilla.

Lastly, a 35-year-old male patient with lower abdominal pain and testicular pain worse by coughing and movement came for homeopathic treatment. This pain was present for about 36 hours and not progressive worsening or resolving in nature. He reported this pain started yesterday morning after cycling a few miles for exercise in the morning. Upon asking any other problem associated with this pain, he replied frequent urination and constipation. Upon asking food item taken prior to this pain, he reported he ate Poori (an Indian foot item made with wheat flour fried in oil) from Poori corner in market. Considering Poor eating in hot weather and pain in testicle, Puls 30c given and the patient was asked to call me if not got better as I also was conscious about possibility of some serious conditions such as renal calculi and testicular torsion apart from flatulence, constipation and epididymitis. Three days the patient returned to the clinic and reported immediate pain relief after Puls 30c few doses and no pain after 12 hours.

So this summer up until now, Puls gave me near 100% result and proved to me that it is a very good medicines for boils and abdominal pain in summer if it is indicated well.

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A cured case of Nipple pain and cyst with homeopathy



A 30-year-old female came to me for complain of recurrent right for about one year. The pain usually occurs while breastfeeding. History and symptom detail suggested that she is getting which may be due to some fungal infection and after thoroughly reviewing the case, the female was given three doses only for one day.

After about 20 days the patient revisited and reported that there is no pain in the nipple since then but she has a developed a which seems solid, somewhat white, and nontender. I reassured the patient and said that it should disappear within the next 30 days as I suspected it may be due to Graphites which unwanted action lasts usually 60 days and if she still have the lesion then I would gave any medicine for.

After about 15 days, the patient revisited to the clinic and reported that the cyst one day ruptured while bathing with some discharge and now is healed, but now she has developed some cracking between the 2nd and 3rd toes in the left leg. Upon inspection, it was rubbery, foamy whitish cracking once again I reassured the patient and said that it should also be okay within 7 days and asked her to avoid wear shoes and keep the area dry.

After 10 days, the patient revisited and reported that the eruption is now healed and she has no recurrence of nipple pain or eruption.

There may be some unwanted things happen while taking homeopathic treatment, but we should be patience while dealing such things especially in homeopathy. Graphites is a very deep acting medicine and it should be used very carefully and people should not take it by own.

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