Online Free Acne Case-13 Papulo-Pustulo-Cystic Acne Worse After Materbation and Dust Exposure


This online free acne advice requested by MR. GS from India who is now 19-year-old and suffering from acne since age 16. He reported himself a smoker, drinker, and masterbates routinely (a normal thing if practiced correctly). He reported that he noticed the acne worse after the day he masterbates and feels complexion darker after washing. He also reports that whenever he goes for rather prolonged biking he too notice worsening of his acne condition. Oily food also seem to cause worsening.

He mailed me some picture of his acne and upon reviewing he is noted to have pimples and papulo-pustulo-tubercular acne eruption with reddish base. His acne eruptions are mainly located at Forehead and cheeks.

The case was thoroughly reviewed and repertoriesed and these questions are required to be answered to finalized one medicine from the three that are being under consideration for this patient.

1. What are your other health problems if any i.e., hair failing, headache, ear or any nose related issues, any mouth problem such as bleeding gums or issue with mouth taste, frequent eructation, heartburn, indigestion, excessive gas formation etc, or very foul smelling stools.
2. Give detail regarding your behavior i.e. desires company, calm-cool-minded, can tolerate to contradiction from others, always busy in your work, have usually cheerful mood, etc. Do not suffers from any eye problem or vision problem, have good teeth without caries or toothache, good appetite and likes to eat meat, do not suffers from constipation or any urinary problem, do not have any sexual problem i.e. incomplete erection or night falls.
3. Do not have any problems with dandruff, eye itching or redness or styes, do not suffer from mouth ulcer, appetite is very low and does not like sweet, do not have any recurrent diarrhea.

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