Follow up on Possible CAMRSA boil.


On third day course of antibiotics there was only 40 percent improvement and there were still new boils were forming, although with a slow rate and growth.

Mother did reconsulted on third day and her PCP reported that during this monsoon boils are not responsive generally to common safe antibiotics and now changed amoxicillin to ofloxacin for three days. On 2nd days there was about 70 percent improvement, but still new boils were arising and at this time mother revisited me again and reported same course of antibiotics described earlier.

She wanted to me to prescribe something. I have already advised her to give Calendula Q and Echinacea Q so I decided to search again on constitutional medicine and now I noticed that Puls has skin eruption which tend to occur on the base of nose, which is exactly happening here and also looked upon fear of dark in repertory in which Puls is also listed in second grade medicine.

So I decided to advised mom to give one dose of Puls 30 at night and to report me next morning. On next morning, she reported marked decrease in erythema involved with the boil and upon this I advised her to Puls 30c for two days and advised her to complete the antibiotic course.

After two days all boils healed, but on fourth day after finishing course of antibiotics and Puls doses the baby girl again have some red rash one on his scalp, one her forehead, and one on pinna and the mom as soon as seen this started him on Puls again and they are stable and somewhat reduced now.

Mom reported me that she has stopped giving Calendula and Echinacea upon this I advised her to start this again and continue throughout this monsoon season and call me whenever she develop new boils as she may need one of her constitutional medicine i.e., Puls or Sulphur according to the totality of present symptoms.

Hoping, she will not develop boils upon this treatment.


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Treatment/management for recurrent rash/boils/abscess in summer


In my experience treating/managing recurrent rash/boils/abscess in summer/rainy season is very difficult. From homeopathic point of view, unless a constitutional medicine is not given there would be no cure or significant improvement.

Frequent washing is the key for preventing recurrent boils/rash in summer/rain. Bacteria responsible for boils/rash mainly colonize in the inside the nose and causes boils upon reaching skin usually by nose boring by fingers. There is usually more boring of nose because there is increase crusting in summer in nose. Children tend to bore nose extensively and so children tend to get recurrent boils in summer. Parents should keep the nostril moisturized and may apply some antibiotic solution or homeopathic antibiotic solution Calendula Q.

Calendula Q internally as well as externally should be used as early as you see any boils in summer/rainy season.

Echinacea Q/30c should be used two times daily if you tend to suffer from recurrent boils.

For pain ease from boils in children: Apply pads soaked with warm water with calendula Q for 10-20 seconds alternated with pads soaked with calendula Q in cold water for 3-8 seconds for early maturation and ease of boils. This should be repeated three to five times per day. This really works.

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Taking Homeopathic Medicine With Allopathic Medicines


I often face situation where I have to give homeopathic treatment along with allopathic medicines advised other physician.

I do not prescribe allopathic medicine to my patient and when these are necessary I used to refer the patient to allopathic physician.

I usually use homeopathic therapeutic medicines not a polychrest homeopathic medicines or constitutional homeopathic treatment in such situation. I do believe this can cause some unwanted reaction while the patient is already got down by sickness.

I usually prefer to wait to patient recover from this acute condition and then give a homeopathic medicine according to the whole symptomatology represented during the episode of illness and the remaining sequelae of it. I usually use water dose initially in such cases.

The case given below is an example for circumstance for homeopathic treatment with allopathic treatment and my method of doing so. Whenever I am asked to give homeopathic medication while the patient is taking allopathic medicines, I usually use mother tincture or lowest potency and a homeopathic medicine who has marked action on that particular disease, disease location or systems involved.

One example case is presented here. For reading the original case click here and for the followup post click here.

Questionable CAMRSA Staph aureus Boils And Homeopathy With Allopathy

This breakout of small boils in this girl seems to be caused by CAMRSA staph aureus infections, as it is not responding quite nicely with antibiotic treatment consisting of amoxicillin and azithromycin. On third day of therapy, there is only 40% improvement. All the boils on nose and one on head are present, but usually they are less erythematous and raised. I advised her to give only Calendula Q and Echinacea 30 to enhance the recovery process. Mostly boils are in the form of solid erythematous papules with delicate looking overlying skin. One papule drained quite much pus in comparison to its size and it is now healing nicely. Some of boil are healing with leaving clotted blood overlying its opening. The child has now decreased thirst and she is urinating less, but mentally she is okay and does not like to wash it with water. The child has also lost some weight, which is common with any type of infection.

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Followup of Miliria Pustula case


This case now not doing well. Merc Sol produced no benefit. Then Few doses of Psornium given (boils caused by warmth)and this caused some relief in scalp boils mainly dried discharge and redness, but meanwhile patient developed 3-4 reddish papules on nose and eyes. Then Calc Sulph and Silicia was given to abort the process early, but sometimes it seems to do better , but again new boil come on. I also out of reach for the mother and during this time parents decided to consult allopathic doctor who gave him Amoxicillin syrup twice a day and Azithromycin syrup once a day for three days. This is the first day when I am writing this post. Calendula @ and alternate warm and cold compresses were also advised the patient, which she reports she has done for sometimes and she noticed it helps to bring the pus on surface and subsequently healing soon. The mother will see me after three days to report how she is doing

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Heat Rash and Boils on Scalp-Miliaria pustulosa


This is a case of a baby girl whom I am giving homeopathic treatment from very early in her life when she was a few days old. She is growly very brightly and healthly with homeopathy. She is so charming and follows commonds like very wonderful and her catching and learning capicities are great. She has no fear of vaccination injections as she do great with a few doses of around vaccination and she cries only 30 seconds when pricked by nurse and she leaves the nurse with simle and gesturing byee when leaving.

She is now 17-month old and had only one diarrhea episode, which was successfully treated with Puls which occured in December 2008 and until now she has only two episodes of which were aborted in just two day with the help of Puls and Sulphur only.

She recently developed some prickly heat rash, which were also managed by applying of ice, frequent bathing, and Sulphur.

But recently mother reported some new things, which I am considering not good i.e. desire for light in night while eariler she enjoyed dark and were used to move while in dark, big belly, rather slow weight gain, constipation, bowel movements after meals, etc., but once again mentally the girl is very bright with good memory.

Mother described these things on her last visit for bowel movements after meals. I told her that it is not a disease condition or , but she desired to remove this tendency early and back her to baseline when she used to have a good bowel movement early in the morning and then next one the next morning. One can understand the comfort with associated with this and I gave her Sulphur and Puls each for one day and her bowel movement returned for baseline. This was just eight days ago.

Two days ago, this mother returned for treatment of prickly heat and some boils on her forehead and scalp. This occured because there was a very hot and humid day after rain and prolonged power cut. I gave her once again Sulphur and advised to return if no improvement in next two days. She returned today and there was no improvement and mother washed the head three times with soap and avoided mango, which I asked to do.

This leads me to restudy the case once again and now the

Chief Complaint:

HPI: This 17-month old lovely girl developed erythematous macules, papules, and pustules mainly on forehead after a hot humid day in summer after a few days of rainy days on 07/13/2009. All three types of lesion were present on the day of visit, 07/16/2009. These lesions are somewhat painful and somewhat itching.

Past Medical History: This child born by C-section without any complication or abnormality and diarrhea at age 10-month.

Past Surgical History: None.

Medications: The child recieved IV antibiotics as a new born due to prolonged induction of labor, which resulted in C-section and Puls and Sulphur for coryza and diarrhea in the past.

Allergies: No known drug allergy or food allergy except for milk in the past, but this is resloved.

Family History: Insignificant.

Physical Examination: This is a healthy 17-month girl in no acute distress. HEENT: Erythematous macules and papules. Few pustules discharing sticky fluid. Mildly tender to touch. No cervical adenopathy. Chest: Clear. Heart: Normal S1 and S2. Abomen: Somewhat big belly in comparison to whole body. Neurological: Alert and oriented. Skin: No other skin eruption on exposed parts except as above.

Homeopathic General ROS: Very Extensive so not given here.

Homeopathic Mental ROS: Very Extensive so not given here.

Treatment Plan: As Sulphur was given eariler with benefit so a remedy that follows well Sulphur as well as covering the present skin condition. Calc Carb, Psorinum, Lyco,and Merc Sol are considered. Merc Sol 30c is given in the light of Moisty skin eruption on face with erythema. Mother is advised to return next evening.

Conclusion: This girl seems changed from Puls and Sulphur to now Calc Carb or Lycopodium (Desire for light and does not want mother only when sick as previously happening). She would do better from these medication, which would be started after confirmation

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Treat Wrist Pain With Homeopathy


(due to Carnevale-Canun-Mendoza syndrome, Ganglion cyst, Gout, Joint injury, Kienbock disease, Rosenberg-Lohr syndrome, Scaphotrapeziotrapezoid arthrodesis, Singh-Williams-McAlister syndrome, Wrist conditions, and DeQuervain tenosynovitis) With Homeopathy

Please Tell Side And Location Of Your Wrist Pain

A. Right hand wrist.

B. Left hand wrist.

C. Outer side of the wrist.

D. Inner side of the wrist.

E. Back aspect of the wrist.

F. Front aspect of the wrist.

Please tell if your wrist pain extends to any other part of the limb.

G. Up to Whole arm.

H. Up to elbow.

I. Up to forearm.

J. Up to hand

K. Up to fingers.

L. Up to knuckles.

Please tell in which conditions it is worse or becomes worse.

M. It is worse in the morning.

N. Afternoon.

O. Evening.

P. Night.

Q. After exertion.

R. When grasping anything.

S. While moving wrist.

T. Upon pressing the wrist.

U. After warmth application and in warmth environment.

V. After/while writing or typing.

Please tell what things make the wrist pain better.

W. After moving the wrist for some period of time.

X. Rest.

Please tell your wrist pain is associated with

Y. A sense of heaviness/weakness/paralysis.

Z. A sense of twitching/clicking/

Please write down each option which are present in you alphabetically i.e., A E P Q Z and know the most effective homeopathic medicine for your wrist.

Summary: More detail regarding your wrist pain or any other problem if given in your words are most welcomed and of great help for me to determine your homeopathic medicines, but first give your set of symptoms in alphabetically and then a summary. Viewer if you have any questions, suggestions, or concern, please do not hesitate to ask/suggest me.


Rakesh Kumar, B.H.M.S., Lko

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Online Free Acne-Case No-10 Whiteheads Leaving Marks


Chief Complaint: Acne with irregular and painful menses

HPI: This 20-year-old female requested online homoeopathic advice via email. She is suffering from whiteheads from a very early age, which are worse on forehead and are also present at chins and cheeks. The whiteheads tend to leave marks on face. She is suffering from this complaint since 2000 w varying stages of severity. She usually tend to have itching when the lesions are getting dried. She usually suffers from pimples everywhere in her face, papules on cheeks, and sometimes pustules especially before period and these pustules can be very painful.

Past Medical History:?

Past Surgical History:?

Current Medications: None.

Allergies: ?

Family History: ?

Social History:?

Review of systems:

Tall and Slim. Generally thirsty. Always hungry At times constipation. She does have trouble falling asleep and often vivid dreams often.

Mental/emotional: She often feels extremely angry with people, often have forgetfulness, but good long-term memory, affectionate, sometimes indifference, malicious, at times capriciousness, changeable mood at times, usually critics other and has faultfinding habit, and is very obstinate female (inflexible, fixed). - Yes, very much so

Menstrual Evaluation:

Significant for morning menstrual flow usually which is generally bright/dark red initially- then brown at the end in color with heavy, thin initially, then thicker and clotted

Irregular, usually late, and with severe pain and cramps and backache.

Homeopathic Assessment and Plan: After thoroughly studied the case Belladona is quite strongly indicated.

The patient is advised to take Belladona 200c three- four drops/pills three times for three days and is advised to stop the medication early if she notice any change (good or bad) and to report after seven days.

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Online free case no-9 for Acne or Shingles?


This request for homeopathic treatment for acne was made by a 29-year-old female from Delhi India who is suffering from cystic acne mainly on cheeks and chin. Upon questioning she described her skin eruption as that there is usually pain before she develops an cystic skin lesion without pus which tends to get pus and pain still remains at this stage and the pus begins to dry and after drying it leaves there a mark. When the lesion start to drying it is usually associated with itching.

Localized pain followed by breakthrough of cystic skin eruption on cheeks caused me to rule out shingles and the patient was asked about symmetry of lesions, history of chicken pox, and time span in which she is eruption free.

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