The request was sent via email as is as follows:

Dr. Rakesh kumar,
Sir, if you have a little time out of your tight schedule, would you please look at my case once. I got your e mail ID from abchomeopathy.
I am a 25 year old unmarried boy and have been involved in severe masturbation since 10 years. During the past 7-8 years many diseases has curbed into my body.
They are as follows:

Prostatorrhea = Whenever I get sexually aroused, suddenly the prostatic fuild starts flowing through the penis(with or without erection).

Erectile Dysfunction = Mostly there are lack of erections. If at all sometime erection takes place, it is imperfect and doesn't hold for more than 10-12 seconds. Totally decreased libido.

Constipation = I need to go 2-3 times in the morning to empty the bowels, but still there is no guarantee that the bowels would get empty. Sometimes I go once in 2 days. Stomach is bloating most of the time. And due to constipation, gas is another problem.

Urinary disorder = Dribbling after urination, sometimes burning sensation after passing urnine, urine very less in quantity and dark yellow in colour. I need to go for urine only 2 times in 24 hours.

Hairfall = Hair are also falling since 8 years. This also started after I got involved in masturbation. They have become very very thin. Some of my hair have started greying also.
No one in family is bald. All men have black and thick hair.

Fleshless body = My eyes and cheeks have gone inside, they look sunken to great extent, there is no flesh left on my face. My shoulder bones could be seen. I look like an old man.

Acne = Some red papules have developed on my back and hips. They develop regularly. The old ones go leaving stains and blemish, and the new ones keep coming.

Hyperhidrosis and physical weakness = I sweat a lot. I cannot do any physical work for a long time. Even if I walk a small distance, I start panting and sweating thorugh my entire body.

Some doctor suggested Selenium 3X tablets, cantheris, conium for prostatorrhea and dribbling of urine. After having the medicine, both the problems got cured 60 to 70 percent, but they still need some medical attention to get cured completly. I am not in contact with that doctor anymore.
I don't know in what order all these diseases should get cured but my main concerns are HAIRFALL, FLESHLESS BODY AND ACNE, because, all these problems are visual, everybody can see it, so I request you to please prescribe me some medicine to cure these three concerns first, rest of the things afterwards. Ya phir jaisa aapko sahi lagta ho sir.

Now I control my sexual urges, but these diseases need some serious medical help. I have tried many doctors, but market is filled with quack doctors and I don't trust them anymore. I always read the posts on abchomeopathy, you doctors save money and time of the patients without any fees, I want to thank all you great people. Sir I plead you to please guide me in order to help me lead a healthy life.

Thank you

The patient was asked about eating habits and was notified about terms and conditions involving advising via my blog and he gave his consent.

The patient told that he likes eating spicy food, cold drinks, chocolates, etc. I don't like fried stuff and he asked how long would it take to cure my body completely.

I gave him the link of this blog entry and replied that it would depend upon his reaction and he may be sufficiently improve in one to six months. I asked him further about any rash or eruption around the genitalia and about his sexual practices and number of sexual partners.

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Medical Termination of Pregnancy (Medicine Induced Abortion), Abortion Naturally Accidentally, and Contraception Naturally & Homoeopathically


MTP is a legal issue and MTP act enacted by Government of India states that this can be done only by a physician who can perform the operation and can be done up to 20 weeks of gestation, up to 12 weeks opinion of one doctor is required and from 12 to 20 weeks the opinions of two doctors are required and the doctors must be duly recognized under the law to perform MTP. For more information about this act please visit here. One should not take medicine without consulting a doctor. Before opting medical abortion remember these things
1. Never go alone to doctor or any medical person. You can be blackmailed.
2. Do not go to doctor with friend/boyfriend. You can be cheated. Everything is possible and your close one can cheat you. Believe your family.
3. Do not go medical store for cheap medications for abortion. Right medications for abortion costs around 1200 rupees in India and there may be some serious consequence after taking these medications so take these medications under supervision of a female doctor who can take are of those complications. It is quite possible to be refused by doctors if you go after complication happens and you have consulted her earlier and delay in such condition can be fatal.
4. If abortion does not occur then she has to opt to abortion manually and the procedure is called D&C which is a complicated method in comparison to abortion via abortion pills.
5. Bleeding may be continue intermittently for about two weeks and may be quite heavy at sometimes. Start taking healthier as soon as you got that idea that may opt for an abortion. The healthier diet should include iron rich food items i.e. spinach (palak) and fruits with good iron content i.e. apple.
6. Your pregnancy test may remain positive for sometime after abortion up to two weeks so do not worry, but it still remain positive after two weeks then an ultrasound is warranted and side effects of medications may last one week or more which includes nausea, headache, and vomiting. Homoeopathy can help to ease these symptoms.

7. If you are a married woman who is preferring not having a pregnancy at this time then you should know the fact that after abortion there is a very marked increase risk of being pregnant within 3 or 6 months despite taking precautions because there is increase rate of egg discharge after abortion and one should avoid pregnancy at least 6 months as the quality of egg discharged during this period remains doubtful so you may not able to get your best egg to fertilized. So take care this fact very carefully and possibly use at least three precaution methods i.e. avoidance, condoms, and any device or pill after an abortion for six months.

MTP (Medical Abortion) & Homoeopathy: There are certainly some drugs in homoeopathy, which action have described by some of my female patient that they have produce labor pain like contractions and accidentally some have abortion after a homoeopathic medicines; however, it cannot be confirmed that they were due to homeopathic medicines or anything else. However, post abortion homeopathic medicines can be greatly helpful to removing weakness from blood loss, can prevent incomplete abortion, and are very sufficient to remove any side effects from abortion. I had noticed a great result from homeopathic medicines after abortion.

So I concluded from my own experience that there are some homeopathic drugs, which can cause an abortion, but no one should try if she lives away from hospital or could not get an adequate medical care or where facilities for blood transfusion is not available. I believe strongly that homoeopathic do not cause anything unnatural to body and abortion is not a disease, which homeopathic can cure.

So there is no homeopathic medicine for abortion, but certainly there various homeopathic medicines for abortion caused complications. i.e., weakness and nausea

Emergency contraceptive pills and abortion: Some patients have notified me that they had tried emergency contraceptive pills for abortion and got the desired result. I have told them that it was a fact of chance as it is not an abortion pill and they got result because the lady take the pill must be highly sensitive to hormonal changes and percentage of such highly sensitive females is quite low so it is not worthy to try.

Otherwise no one should try such emergency contraceptive pills for abortion purposes i.e. where pregnancy is already suspected. It may prove life threatening.

Abortion Naturally Accidentally: Excessive anger, bad news, excessive coughing, excessive exertion, severe injury, night watching, overheating can result in termination of pregnancy. However, incidents are very low and should be avoided as they may also prove fatal.

Contraception (Prevention is better than Abortion): For unmarried females who got unprotected sex and wants to avoid any possible pregnancy she should follow these steps.
1. Urinate after intercourse. This habit is helpful to prevent pregnancy and infection.
2. Note last date of menstruation, if it is within three days then there is a very very low chance of being pregnant; however, she can use emergency contraceptive pills. If last date of last menstrual period was more than five days then she should take emergency contraceptive pills available in medical stores.
3. Spot the date of next menstrual period according to her normal cycle and starts doing some unusual things to bring hormonal changes and thus menses and avoid pregnancy. Such things can be overexertion, late night sleeping or night watching and even reading something that causes excitement.
4. If the period does not occur on the due date then go ahead for pregnancy test and told the fact of being pregnant to close one before it is too late for you and others.

Contraception (Prevention is really troublesome For married couples) Prevention is really troublesome as they have regular sexual activity. The most used contraceptive method is condom; however, peoples usually fail to use on every intercourse for many reasons and the peoples think other contraceptive methods causing side effects so hesitate to start it and got in trouble. However, I am telling some facts for such couple to avoid much trouble. These are as follows:

1. Condoms: Condoms still are best way to prevent pregnancy. However, people do not use them regularly until they pay for their fault. So do not learn from own mistake and use it regularly if you wants to avoid pregnancy. Must use condoms during unsafe period or if you are going to sex after few days interval. Recently, some patients asked me that their wife got pregnant while they use regular condoms with no incidence of leakage from it. Upon discussing further, I found that they use condom for first time intercourse in one night and if they consider another intercourse they prefers not to use as they do not ejaculate quite shortly so have command to control ejaculation. I told them it was the reason for pregnancy. There may be sperms on penis from first ejaculation which resulted in pregnancy so avoid doing this or at least wash penis with gentle soap before doing second intercourse without condom, but it is still risky and should not use if your wife has an abortion at least within six months or you have no other option other than abortion if got pregnant

2. Safe periods. Couple may use safe period method for conception, but the failure rate of this also high as during the risky period of menstrual cycle (between 10-15 days from the last menstrual day). there is definite increased desire for sex in female. Read more about safe periods Could not understand wanted to read more-Click here. It is the most watchful thing for a married couple, but it is not a movie, honeymoon spot, cricket match, or serial. The date on which the next menstrual period should start is the most watchful date for couple who do not want a pregnancy for any reason. On this date and one to two day prior to this they should do intercourse. Intercourse on such days can cause onset of menses and prevent any possible pregnancy.

Incomplete Abortion: This is a very important to know about incomplete abortion. Sometimes after abortion ther is still some product left behind which causes untill they are expelled. The chance and severity of complication caused by natural abortions are quite low in comparision to that caused by medicines.

In my experience, women having quite regular menses, history of failure of induction resulting C-section are at more risk for having incomplete abortion than others.

I have also found that women who are insensitive to homoeopathic medicines for their menstrual problems usually have tendency to have a incomplete abortion as they are not a sensitive woman or may be due to interia of uterus.

Many woman do not know how much product should come after abortion. If there is a moderate bleeding after taking Abortion Pill they make take this as an abortion, but it may be not true and she may continue the pregnancy, which ultimately may be a defected newborn.

Or woman may continued which she would think as normal as her doctor may tell that abortion usually take 21 days and ultimately got severely anemic.

One more point to remember, after taking you should not go on regular duty or away from Hospital as if you have an incomplete abortion, there may be quite severe bleeding which may turned into fatal.

Lastly, last thing to remember as soon as you got noticed that you should need an abortion at that time increase your Iron intake, diet, and should use homoeopathic medicines such as Ferrum Met, China, Acid Phos to cope with your upcoming blood loss in abortion.

If one suspect incomplete abortion then she should go either for urine pregnancy test (may result in false positive), ultrasound to confirm complete abortion or can ultimately go for suction D&C, which ultimately solve the problem. Incomplete abortion can be done safely with anesthesia with suction while normal abortion is somewhat risky without anesthesia in some cases, i.e., history of C-section

Comment here if you have any query related to this article.

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