Read This Winter-Hypothermia And Homoeopathy


Hypothermia is a condition, which happens very commonly during winter to infants and old peoples.

When body temperature goes below 35.0 °C or 95.°F and it is harmful because body metabolism and body function gets affected negatively by hypothermia.

Recently, a 65-year-old female patient came to clinic complaining of episodic fever with chilliness. When I take her temperature I found it to be 98.5 and upon this she said at this time she is feeling okay so she has normal temperature. I gave her a thermometer and asked her family member to record temperature when she feels fever with chilliness.

Further, she describes these episodes even in bed in early morning, afternoon, and evening with dryness of throat, altered taste in mouth, and anxiety and fear.

Few days later, family reported that they are getting temperature around 95° F and so no fever. I told them it is a bad sign and when she has low temperature try to warm her.

Few days later, family reported me that she has continued to have these episodes even now with much better warm clothing on her body as well on her bed and they are concerned about to find out what is the cause of this episodic hypothermia. I reassured them and just try to keep her warm when these episodes occur and I decided to visit the patient's house to find out any possible cause there.

In patient's house I noticed that she is staying in drawing room with four doors and two windows so I was confident that this room must be always cold so I advised her to be shifted in other room and Gave her Nux Moschata 30c 1 drum (homeopathically indicated medicine for her) and she responded to both these measures and no further episodes of such possible hypothermia.

So old people should stay in a warm room not a constantly chilled room during winter.

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A case of Insomnia, hair loss and premature graying, and premature ejaculation


A 28-year-old male from India is requesting online advice regarding his insomnia (since 98, but worse for the last year), hair loss and premature graying, premature ejaculation, and allergic rhinitis.

He has taken various homoeopathic medications for these problems by some homoeopathic doctors and summarized his homoeopathic treatment as “Recent medication

1) put on Lycopodium 1M - 3 doses on a single day 2oth November 2009 ,
result--- seems little good for day1, rest are worse days, however 5th day seems little ok… there after again worse no sleep.
Again got grief, anger …

2) put on Avena Sativa 10M - only 1 dose --- 1st Of November --- no improvement of sleep but seems lost sexual urge or erection...

3) put on Ignitia 1M -2 doses ( as 1 dose for two days) on October 3rd

Observations --- diminished my grief, anger and mind is cool… may be my hest pain also decreased… i.e. the pain for grief and anger. But couples of days little sleep…
there after no sleep… again as usual…

For dandruff --- (in 2008) I have put on psorinum 1M 2 doses each month 1 dose. bt 1st dose may be worked 2nd dose after 1 week situation is same as before heavy itching with hair fall!
For cold
Tuburculenum(in 2008) 10m 1 dose for dust allergy.
Observations after medicine -- nose is free and now able to breathe freely.
For sleep

2 doses of Phosphoric Acid 1M, one dose a day for 2 days.
Take Lycopodium 1M 2 doses

I have started the above medicine from Jan 20th 2009

---- Jan 19 2009 - 1 dose
---- Jan 20 2009 - 1 dose

Observations after medicine.. So far sleep doesn't improve much....

Observed loss of sex desire... penis doesn't erect even as it was previously...
Erecting problem is more worse than previous now it doesn't erect even I have sex thoughts inside..

Earlier if I had any such feelings i have observed erection of my penis.

Previous medications for myself:

6 years back for 3months have used jaborandi tincture for premature graying.

Dandruff, heavy itching with hair fall after head bath also if comb white greasy dandruff is coming out.

Psorinum 1M - 2 doses per month once.
After Nux Vomica 1M -- got induced little sleep meaning mind is cool not on any thoughts. For some days after it again worse

After Kali Phos 30c and Avena Sativa Q

Mind is cool... bt not enough sleep... still mind is active dreaming…

Morning when i wake up still sleepy and eyes appear light red and have little burning sensation and still yawning all the day and feels very lazy...

But my day activities are popping in my mind meaning some thing is always thinking on my mind.

Phosphoric Acid 1M

this shows result from second day to few days’ i.e. couple of days then again worse as previous.

1) Since my 6th (1991)class I used to grieve, irritate, anger for my father’s words meaning, he used to tell and talk on non real things for example, though am meritorious student he used to say am school first, but am not… kind of..
Meaning I don’t like to talk unrealistic things or lies.

2) Continuous sneezing, cold due to allergy, water comes out from eyes when I do sneeze.

3) In 1994, I happened to know about sex and I started masturbation since 1996, 1n 1996 even though I masturbate I used to have erection for very long and I didn’t get sperm out of it.

4) Observed from 2000 (by masturbation) that I my erection go soft the sooner and premature ejaculation, but I do confirmed the premature ejaculation in the year 2008 after I got married, divorced due to premature ejaculation.

5) In 2000, I got typhoid, after it I observed hair fall and one or two gray hair, but as time passes gray hair got increased, from 2008 lost hair abruptly, visible baldness.
Lost hair, graying due to stress, tension.

6) Observed since 1998 I have sleep problem, I am excited all the night and day dreaming, though I get sleeping sense I couldn’t fall asleep. It becomes worse from day by day and now am totally unable to fall asleep with sunken eyes and all the yawning and water comes out from eyes when I do yawn.

7) In 1998 lost father

8) 1n 2007 lost job ( heavy hair fall, graying of hair)

9) In 2008 divorce due to premature ejaculation.


Cool by nature, since 1998, observed Anger, sadness, grief, due to the problems, in 1998 father expired, 2007 lost job, in 2008, divorce, at night daydreaming as no sleep and also daydreaming when alone and awake, fear about Height example coming down in the lift feels tensed, Since my 6th class (1991)class I used to grieve, irritate, anger for my father’s words meaning. He used to tell and talk on non real things for example though am meritorious student he used to say am school first, but am not… kind of.. Meaning I don’t like to talk unrealistic things or lies., As my father talk about unrealistic things, developed aversion, anger towards father, But my father loves me a lot.


From the age of 15, started masturbating daily. Now days daily 2-3 times
Masturbate. At the age of 15 I do for long time but after 1998 I do premature
Ejaculation, lot of worries, stress, tensions in the life. Mind is excited and heart beats
fastly and body is warm and awake most of the time.


Height 175-5’9”.
Weight 72 Kg.

Looks Athletic. Body loosened due to alcohol, now due to no physical work or exercise.

I like to eat mostly Sweet, spicy, any non-veg, cool drinks, but do not like to eat sour
Things. I like and can tolerate warm weather than any other weather.

After reviewing the case I believe that the patient's situation is certainly not favoring his
health. He should overcome his unfortunate events occurred in past though it is difficult. I believe that everyone should take a lesion from his unfortunate events, mistakes, and failure and remember the lesion and forgot the event, mistake, and failure.

We would deal first with your last unfortunate event i.e. Divorce and its impact on your health. I believe certainly your life partner was not for you. Premature ejaculation is not a big problem and almost every person suffers from it time to time. It is also not a big problem which cannot be cured if serious efforts are undertaken. You have taken Lycopodium, which is a very good medicine for this condition and you should do not take any other medicine for at least another month as it apt to act for a longer period of time so you should need to observe things only for at least one month. I would like to know your desires regarding your divorced life partner and thoughts regarding her. A medicine which corresponds these desires and thought must help you to overcome this trauma to you. So think seriously and reply me truly.

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Free Online Acne Case-12: Pimples and Papular Acne Worse in Summer


A 25-year-old female computer operator from Hyderabad suffering from pimples and papular acne eruption for last 24 hours. These eruptions are mainly affecting her forehead, chin, and cheeks and mainly worse in summer. She has tried antibiotics in the past, but upon stopping the antibiotics the eruptions returned and she is afraid of side effects of long use of antibiotics so she is considering trying homoeopathic medicines.

She describes as her problems as “one ball like hard pimple is coming on my chin / cheek / forehead. After that it is becoming large and at that time it is very paining. After that it is having a head and from that an whitish / yellow color pus is coming and some small pimples without heat boils with ,pus are also coming around my face.”

Until now she has used “Minoz OD tablets for about 6 months (daily dosage one tablet)
Crixan Zel ointment Glacex tablets. (daily dosage - 2 Tablets).”

The acne eruptions do suppurate quite much and the skin is dry.

Reportedly, her menstrual periods are normal and they have no relation to acne.

The patient is advised that she should benefit from Natrum Mur 30c 3-4 pills weekly. She should stop taking medicines as soon as she notice any changes better or worse and to report here

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