70 percent improved-follow-up-on-de-quervains-tendinitis


The patient reported full resolution of her upper lip discoloration and full resolution of wrist pain under the cover by Sulphur and reported overall 70 percent improvement in her wrist pain (de-Quervain's-tendinitis). The patient at present on no medication or modality since last dose of Sulphur as per report, but I cautioned her to overuse by washing cloths and inappropriate holding of her child

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Follow-up-Fever with sever chill and homoeopathic/disease aggravation- UTI with severe chill


The patient's daughter visited me regarding his father's health. She reported that on last Saturday she went to an allopath who told her that her father may be suffering from either typhoid or UTI. He written for some lab work for to rule out these conditions and there was no typhoid fever on widal test and suggestion of UTI with elevated ESR and anemia with hemoglobin of 9.3. He started him on Oflox 200 mg bid PCM 500 mg t.i.d. and nimulac 100 mg bid and iron pills after half hour each meal. He is feeling well, but intermittently get unwell i.e. one episode of fever with chill on Wednesday afternoon after walkig about 1 mile and on Saturday morning feeling an episode of dizziness otherwise all thing is normal with weakness. She asked me about my insight about her father and I told that on PCM, nimulac, and antibiotics I can only say that he is fighting with infection from UTI and suggested some urine test to assess his renal function as PCM and nimusulide can disturb liver and renal function.

Upon questioning activities around first episode of fever and chill, the daughter told that her father and mother came here Lucknow on January 25, 2009 for visiting her. Up to 7 February, 2009 he was walking a lot visiting his old co-workers and friends in Lucknow (I got impression of dehydration from such activities) when he had an moderate attack of chill at night and she gave her some PCM and everything got okayed. On 9 February, 2009 they gone for picnic with they drink there sweetcane juice (got an idea of unhygienic food intake) and the next day morning he get second attack of fever with chill when she gave her Nux advised by me from which his condition got aggravated. After one day treatment and two day waiting his father lost faith on me and then amoxicillin 250 mg bid without PCM for three with only night fever by a medical person within the family and then finally on Saturday consulted with the allopath.

I could not understand the role PCM 500 mg t.i.d. and nimusulide 100 mg b.i.d. dosages. I believe that antipyretic therapy should not be started in early phase of fever especially in the case of children and retired old persons if possible. They should wait for at least one week with proper rest and homoeopathic treatment and other alternative mode of reatment.

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Noteworthy Things For Safe Parenting


1. Avoid overfeeding of your child, it may cause reflux and may turn him into irritable, cranky, unhandy, night screaming.
2. Head injury: Due to children heavy head comparison to other body parts they are tend to have fall with head. So be extra-careful while they are on bed, table, or any height. Every head injury had the child with some negative affect on his growth and confidence.
3. Burn accident: Child due to their tendency to cling everything are at very risk for burning accident. Any vehicle may also cause burn accident by their heated silencer. So be careful while children are near any vehicle. Best approach for minor burn for child-first thing to do is to put your child into any water container and put under cold running water for about 20 minutes and then apply cold soaking dressing (never apply ice and prolonged cooling to avoid vasoconstriction). Get emergency medical care if necessary with cold soak dressing. Arnica 30C two three dose should be given initially then Cantharis mother tincture externally and 6c orally should be used to promote early healing.

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Follow-up-Fever with sever chill and homoeopathic/disease aggravation


The patient was feeling intermittently well and unwell and finally on Saturday got blood and urine test donw, which revealed anemia and high-grade urinary tract infection.

So these were the causing factors why the patient did not recovered completely. He is currently taking allopathic treatment.

So single medicine-single dose approach usually causes failure to new patient to homoeopathy and in acute condition and also to aged patients who are used to use bulk of medicine.

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De Quervain's syndrome followup and upper lip red discoloration


The lady with de Quervain's syndrome came to me today with upper lip discoloration. I asked about any sensation to upper lip and she revealed sensation of mild swelling only and no any other symptoms.

Upon asking timing of onset, she revealed that she noticed it this morning.

Upon asking any other general symptoms, she denied any other complaint including any cold or sinus symptoms.

Upon asking what she thinks what cause this, she answered that she ate methi dana with milk last night and today she did not have a bowel movement may be the possible culprit.

Upon asking her GI symptoms, she revealed that these she is having more gas and now got constipated, but just due to eating more gas producing vegetables.

Upon asking about her wrist pain, she reported these days she is having mild wrist pain at night. She noticed wrist pain occurs and aggravated when her hands are within bed and bed covering (so warmth of the bed).

On inspection, I found nothing other than dark red discoloration of upper lip (only inside)

So Sulphur 200C three dose was given to the patient to be taken in morning at 10 minute. Of note, Sulphur is also indicated strongly for red discoloration of upper lip.

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Fever with sever chill and homoeopathic/disease aggravation


This case was very frightening and suprising one. I was called by one female patient of mine to advise homoeopathic medicine regarding her father who was running a low grade fever with mild shivering.

Upon questioning, the daughter reported that three days ago her father had an episode of fever with similar symptomatology i.e. fever started with severe feeling of chillness followed by shivering and light headache at night and daughter gave him paracetamol 500 mg tablets at night and one in afternoon and symptoms resolved.

Now this time, fever started in morning when patient got up from bed and was feeling completely well, gone to toilet but no stool at all so constipated, and then go for a brief walk and upon returning feel chilly and got feeling of onset of same type of fever. At this time, the daughter called me and reported these things. Due to excessive shivering and requirement of much clothing and history of taking allopathic drugs, I advised her to gave three doses of Nux Vomica 30C at 10 minute interval.

After first dose of Nux Vomica, just within 10 minutes her father got marked worsening of his symptoms and daughter got worried and called me once again, I reassured her that it might be a homoeopathic aggravation and would be settle down within 10-15 minutes and advised not to give him second dose medicine has started its work.

On afternoon, the daughter called and reported that the shivering episode was about 35 minuets and was very frightening for family members. Her father gone for frequent urination and had some nausea and tried to vomit, but was not successful. After 30 minutes, shivering was completely resolved with profuse sweating, light headache, and may be some low-grade fever. I advised daughter to wait.

On evening, daughter visited and reported all events in detail and said that he is still not feeling well with some mild fever and headache and reported that she gave her amoxicillin 250 mg capsule at the request of his father who is used to take this medication whenever he gets fever. I advised her to give one dose of Nux Vomica in the view of that it will not produce such strong aggravation and the patient would be benefited.

She gave her one dose of Nux Vomica with some water and surprisingly the patient once again got the feeling of chilliness and followed by severe shivering Not severe as morning and fever and frequent urination and at this time he vomited large amount of yellowish vomit within 30 minutes and the shivering subsided following this vomiting. Fever gradually settle down and completely resolved at 10:00 pm when the daughter reported the all event once again.

I reassured her that now everything would be now fine as he vomited for which I gave advised her. She asked about amoxicillin dose, I advise her to finish its course also and gave him at least for two days and advised her to report me on afternoon.
On afternoon, she reported she is doing fine with no fever, shivering, headache, and feeling quite well and surprising how strong shivering he got; which had never in his 67 years of life. He wonders how a few drops can cause these things, but is now afraid to try Nux Vomica at this time.

Conclusion, it was a homoeopathic aggravation, but the patient does not benefited fully due to some reasons may be some underlying significant bacteria/viral overload and low vitality

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Bronchiolitis Managed By Homoeopathy


This is a running online case of a 10-month-old boy who is also suffering with delayed detention and under weight.

On January 14, 2009
She asked advice regarding recurrent common cold and cough and currently within attack of cold with obstruction of nose, thick discharge on morning and thin afterwards, excessive coughing, vomiting after drinking, seizure, but no fever, and chronically excessive sweating on head

Sulphur 30C three doses at 10 minute interval advised.

On January 15, 2009
Up until Sulphur was not given by mom and meanwhile child developed fever and mom gave chil Tylenol and fever resolved.

On January 16, 2009
Mom gave Sulphur and noticed improvement and asked second dose of sulphur and wrote"It seems he has lots of mucus while coughing but not able to bring out and looks very weak and tired"

Mom advised Ipecac instead of Sulphur.

Ipecac has great action on lungs and brought suptum via vomiting in children and causes to loose sputum

On January 17, 2009
Mom was not able to get Ipecac and consulted to pediatrician who diagnosed the child with bronchiolitis and put him on nebulizer so mom was advised to give child antim tart 30c as it works finer bronchioles which is the case as in bronchiolitis fine bronchioles are mainly involved

On January 18, 2009
In night Antim Tart 30c three doses was given
No improvement until morning
Second dose advised

On January 19, 2009
Mom reported improvement and mom advised to wait

On January 20, 2009
Mom reported continue to do better

On January 21, 2009
Mom reported continue to do better

Unfortunately on January 23, 2009
Mom reported fresh attack of cold with cough, blockage of nose, coughing while asleep, and this time mom reported the child having heavy breathing since birth
Nux Vom 30C was advised in three doses.

On January 24, 2009
No improvement

On January 25, 2009
Bryonia alternated with Ipecac was advised

Mom reported vomiting after Bryonia dose

On January 26, 2009
Mom reported great improvement in all suffering

On January 27, 2009
No report from mom

On January 28, 2009
Mom reports doing better

On January 29, 2009
Puls was advised as a acute constitutional remedy

On January 30, 2009
No report from mom

On January 31, 2009
Mom was not able to give child Puls and reported being herself with some genetic problems and being severe anemic during gestation period of this child.

On night Puls was given in three doses

On February 1, 2009
Mom report no improvement after Puls and Sulphur 30c was advising on February 2, 2009 morning

On February 2, 2009
Felt improvement following Sulphur dose

On February 3, 2009
Mom report no further improvement and still with breathing difficulty, obstruction of nostrils, coughing episodes at night, chest congestion, and today seen pediatrician who told child's chest to be clear, but got right ear effusion and cough is from postnasal drip

On 4 February, 2009
Puls 30c advised, but mom was able to gave Puls 200c

On February 5, 2009
Mom reported improvement cough, cold, and ear symptoms and reported child being weak and tired

Ferrum Phos was advised. Now he is suffering mainly only night for which she is giving one dose of Antim Tart at night.

On February 6, 2009
Night dose of Antim Tart feeling improved

On February 7,
Feeling improved

On February 8, 2009
Mom thanks a lot as his child is feeling much better now and asked about his excessive sweating on head and also concerned about his older child's gum issue.

So I think bronchiolitis is quite nicely managed by homoeopathy with only some help of allopathic drugs (one or two days of nebulizer and without antibiotics as per mom report) as well as ear effusion with pulsatila, bryonia and antim tart worked for chest symptoms. Sulphur worked for his overall health. Nux Vomica disappointed, but it was not indicated well. Nux Vomica is a great remedy to prevent common cold but when given at very early stage of cold i.e. just tingling and itching of nostril which indicates onset cough.

Mom has shown interest in further treatment advise regarding her sons and as always I am also ready to help newborn and keep away from side effects of allopathic medicines as much as possible.

Dear viewer if your child has recurrent cold and cough then asked me via comment section and keep away your child from side effects of allopathic medicines

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