Online Free Acne Case No-8 Painful Itchy Cystic Acne For Seven Year


This online request was made by a young veterinary doctor (22 years of age) who has been suffering from Cystic acne for about seven years. He is currently taking some homoeopathic acne formula Acne Aid of Bakson company and noticed that this is helping, but there is severe headache, lethargy, and weakness when the medicine is taken. It is very strange from homoeopathic point of view and when such events occur one should stop taking medication. It is golden rule that homeopathy works from inner side first than outer side i.e., patient first feel comfortable internally. He may say that even acne are worse, but it is not bothering me not so much as earlier.

He is mostly affected by acne on cheeks and they are red in color with blackheads, itching, painful, and are severe cystic acne.

These questions are needed to be answered.

Do the acne are painful with touching them or are painful upon touching only.

Do the itching is worse any particular time and what are the effect of cold or hot environment on itching.

Do your cystic acne suppurates easily or not

Describes about your anxiety. For what about you have anxiety if any

Do you like company?

Your overall general mood in which you usually stays.

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Mr. RS asked is there any treatment for Schamberg’s disease in homoeopathy. The patient was having disease involving severely at ankles and slowly less severe upwards the knee.

Mr. RS was informed that certainly this is a rare disease and there is no case or literature on the internet related to Schamberg’s disease's homoeopathic treatment, but homoeopathy certainly can treat this condition as homoeopathy treats the patient not the disease.

Mr. RS is advised to give detail regarding the patient i.e. himself along with his disease.

Mr. RS reported that it started about one year ago and Mr. RS is advised to recall the events around one year ago and tell me and try to find out any possible cause which he thinks.

The patient was advised to wear compressive stockings and reassured that constitutional homeopathic medicine must help him significantly.

However, Mr. RS did not mail me any further and we could not proceed anymore.

Meanwhile, A 52-year-old gentleman came to my blog and reported that he has some dark red spot on his lower part of the legs. He reported that he was told by a skin specialist that it is Schamberg's disease with limited cure in allopathy. He further reported that he is hypertensive and has been taking Amlogard 5 mg and Losar 25 mg for the past 8 years. He asked for homeopathic treatment for Schamberg's disease.

He was notified all terms and conditions involved my online free homeopathic advice and he apparently accepted these.

He has asked What is the cause of this disease?

My answer is that the cause is unknown yet, but most possibly it is caused by some genetic disorder.

Do your parents have any such disease?

His second question is that is it contagious and My answer is that certainly not.

Please recall events and circumstance when you first notice this. Do you have any major illness during that time. Do you suspect any possible thing responsible for this?

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This 26-year-old male originally from India currently living in USA asked for homoeopathic medicines for his acne vulgaris affecting mainly upper and lower back, chest, arms, and face. These acnes usually consist of small pustules with white fluid in it and blackheads. He is suffering from these acnes since 14. These acnes are sometimes very itchy and sometimes turn very red. He is also suffering from male pattern alopecia. He reported that in India he used to get frequent colds while In USA used to get one to two attacks of cold, cough, and fever. He also complained of having sensitive stomach i.e., if he eats spicy and hard food he used the get hard stool and sometimes blood in the stool. He has tendency to be stressed and depressed.

He has tendency to sweat a lot mainly in armpits and sweats stains yellow on his cloth. His sweats are very offensive. The patient reports being chilly in rather cold weather and tired probably indicating having tendency to be hypothermic also. Regarding his acne, upon seeing his photographs, it seems like erythematous papules and he describes small hard pustules filled with white fluid and blackheads and erythematous papules with whitish pus blood. These eruptions are on neck, upper back, shoulders, and thighs and hips area. The patient reported having family history of having heart problems, diabetes, and alopecia and acne only in uncles affecting only face. The patient has tried yet Rhus Tox 30c with some aggravation, but no improvement then Merc Sol, which was subsequently indicated, but yield no effect at all and now advised to take Nitric Acid 30C, 3 dose only. To see full summary, see comment section.

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