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Treat Children Diarrhea with Homoeopathy


Prolonged or recurrent diarrhea disturbs the normal development of a child so it must be treated as soon as possible with homoeopathy and other natural treatment and should not put child on antibiotics very early. There are many causes for diarrhea in which infection and irregularities in eating are main causes.

I am presenting a very useful list of common symptoms/events of diarrhea consisting of A to Z (28) symptoms/events.

Please read from above to below carefully and note on paper which symptoms are present in your child. Then see at last that if your set of combination exists below if it is present then it would tell you most probable cause for your child’s diarrhea and its effective homoeopathic treatment and if you are not able to find your symptom combination then tell this via comment section and know the possible diagnosis and homeopathic treatment.

So start read carefully from here and made a list of your symptoms starting alphabetically.


A. Morning (Possible cause: Mainly indigestion).
B. Night (Possible cause: Mainly Infection)

C. Outbreak of generalized rash (measles)
D. Fever.
E. Emaciation (lean and weak child).
F. Many cases after a common meal (after a rancid food and septic condition).
G. Many cases of severe diarrhea of severe watery diarrhea in area (cholera).
H. Dentition (Possible cause: Mainly infection as at this time child puts many things in his mouth.
I. Nausea and vomiting
J. Abdominal pain cramping/tenesmus

K. Alternating constipation and diarrhea (Possible cause: Mainly IBS).
L. Cold drinks. (Possible cause: Mainly control on bowel movements have been disturbed and should be normal soon/if persists for long time then infection/if it occurs very frequently then IBS)
M. Rich foods (rice, poori, pastry, or cake)
N. Fruits ( Possible cause: Mainly disturbed digestion of fructose of fruits and should be normal very soon, but if persists for long time and fruits were unhygienic then infection).
O. Milk ((Possible cause: Mainly indigestion of lactulose found in milk and it may persist for long and should be treated for this soon. Homoeopathy has good results with this condition)
P. Diarrhea acute disease after.
Q. Exam/interview.


R. Stool with mucus and blood (Possible cause: Mainly dysentery. This may be very troublesome seek medical attention as soon as possible. Homeopathy has good result with this condition).

S. Explosive stool, make to much hurry and stool scattered all around on toilet sheet (Possible cause: Mainly parasitical infection).

T. Very offensive (Possible cause: Mainly indigestion).

U. Watery (Possible cause: Mainly parasite infection).

V. Foamy (Possible cause: Mainly indigestion).

W. Light color ( Possible cause: Mainly occurs when there is problem with bile)

X. Yellow (Possible cause: Mainly problem with bile and infection)

Y. Large stool (Possible cause: Mainly it occurs when there is trouble in upper part of intestine and lower part is working okay so large stool, but control is disturbed it should be fine soon).

Z. Scanty, frequent stool in less quantity (Possible cause: Mainly it occurs when lower part of intestine is disturbed mainly by infection. It may take time to be normal).

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Online Free Acne Case-13 Papulo-Pustulo-Cystic Acne Worse After Materbation and Dust Exposure


This online free acne advice requested by MR. GS from India who is now 19-year-old and suffering from acne since age 16. He reported himself a smoker, drinker, and masterbates routinely (a normal thing if practiced correctly). He reported that he noticed the acne worse after the day he masterbates and feels complexion darker after washing. He also reports that whenever he goes for rather prolonged biking he too notice worsening of his acne condition. Oily food also seem to cause worsening.

He mailed me some picture of his acne and upon reviewing he is noted to have pimples and papulo-pustulo-tubercular acne eruption with reddish base. His acne eruptions are mainly located at Forehead and cheeks.

The case was thoroughly reviewed and repertoriesed and these questions are required to be answered to finalized one medicine from the three that are being under consideration for this patient.

1. What are your other health problems if any i.e., hair failing, headache, ear or any nose related issues, any mouth problem such as bleeding gums or issue with mouth taste, frequent eructation, heartburn, indigestion, excessive gas formation etc, or very foul smelling stools.
2. Give detail regarding your behavior i.e. desires company, calm-cool-minded, can tolerate to contradiction from others, always busy in your work, have usually cheerful mood, etc. Do not suffers from any eye problem or vision problem, have good teeth without caries or toothache, good appetite and likes to eat meat, do not suffers from constipation or any urinary problem, do not have any sexual problem i.e. incomplete erection or night falls.
3. Do not have any problems with dandruff, eye itching or redness or styes, do not suffer from mouth ulcer, appetite is very low and does not like sweet, do not have any recurrent diarrhea.

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