Head injury children and homoeopathy.

It is always very hurting to see your child injured. I am writing some information regarding, which I think may be useful for you.

Children (0-6 years) are very tend to get head injury due to various reasons, but mainly because the head is heaviest part of the body and center of gravity.

Every parent should avoid these injuries as they always left a negative effect on child's development and sometimes it may be fatal.

But the most comforting thing is to parents is that there is very fewer serious consequence found in children who fell from less than six feet height. If a child cries just after injury and appropriately and calms down without much difficulty then there is usually no serious injury. If the child got sleep during consolation then the child should be awaken after 20-30 minutes and check his activities and hand, feet, and eye movements. If is easily awakened then and assumes normal activities then it is good sign.

Sign and symptoms after head injury in child depends on many things i.e. severity of trauma, age of child, style of impact, open wound, etc.

Sign and symptoms may last anywhere for few hours to entire life and symptoms may arise from just after the injury to weeks and even years, but first 24 hour is most considerable period. During this watch his activities and note these things which wants immediate medical attentions
1. Child seems confused. Contact your doctor as soon as possible.
2. Blood or clear fluid from ears or nose. To stop bleeding make a large pad of a clean cloth and put this pad on bleeding site and press firmly. Contact your doctor as soon as possible.
3. Vomiting especially repeated and forceful. Contact your doctor as soon as possible.
4. Not breathing normally and stopped breathing. Try to breath through mouth-on-mouth if you noticed that your child has stopped breathing. This can save the life of your child. Contact your doctor as soon as possible.

Some things to do for preventing head injuries
1. Never think your toddler child is safe if you are around him especially on bed. Always handle or take on ground.
2 Take care in any dangerous environment.
3. Try to put thick head cap especially in winter for prevention of cold as well as any head trauma.
4. Most head injury to child usually at morning time as these time the children are more energetic and you may not due to lack of good sleep at night and other causes. Take care extra attention while taking care child in morning. Do not take them on bed morning. Try to keep bed low as much as possible or make bed on ground.

Children Head Trauma Homoeopathy
Arnica 1M should be used for three days three times daily and Nat Sulph 1M thereafter three times a day for three days or consult your homoeopathic physician

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Case of De Quervain tendonitis Homeopathic Constitutional treatment Helped a lot


About 15 days eariler this patient came with acute complaint of diarrhea for one day.

Upon questioning she revealed that she had eaten a dish of butter (paneer) and drink some whay also.

As she is a regular patient of mine and she is basically Pulsatila lady and presenting today characterstics of Puls i.e. aggravation form butter and somewhat tearful.

I gave her Puls 30 C three doses to be taken at 10 minute interval.

After 5 days she reported that not only her diarrhea as well as her pain from De Quervain Tendinitis also improved about 95%. She is no longer using any pain medication for last seven days.

Upon asking thumb spica she answered that she had not ordered it yet as things seems to improving. I asked her to call or visit if her pain returns and avoid to wash clothes and holding his baby as much as possible.

So Constitutional treatment as always helps in any disease condition.

If you suffer from DeQuervain syndrome and want some homoeopathic or medical advise from me, please do not hesitate to ask. You just have to post your query via comment section.
Please note DeQuervain syndrome is not a easy problem to solve and living with it. Please share your experience, sign, symptoms, causing factors, treatments your trying and its results, and other informations for its better management. In this way you can help others who are suffering from this disease

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Result of 10-month-old girl's diarrhea


This case turned into quite interesting and educating one.

Initially, the girl had 4 loose bowel motions and she was given Pulsatila as she was clam only in mother's lap otherwise crying, looking ill, and with mild fever.

After three dose of Puls 30 she used to have evening and morning stools, but they were quite watery for two days. I got informed and asked about any feed pattern or formula change for her and mother revealed that there is no change in her food items for last 15 days. I reassured mother and advised to gave her boiled and turned to cool water with some sugar and salt or she can gave her Electron from medical store and gave her in boiled cool water four to five times and even much if there is no tears on eyes and eyes and mouth look dry to avoid dehydration.

On third day she reported me same pattern of diarrhea, after 12 hour with quite loose and watery, but these stools only when she is putted in her potty and efforts made her to toilet so these stools were not involuntary. The child seemed lazy and weak so I asked to mother to gave her China 30 4 hourly to prevent diarrhea as well as to restore her strength back.

China made her to look well, but she continues to have same pattern of stool on 5th and 6th days. On 6th day, I once again asked her food items and once again she told me she is giving now some Daal Ka Pani, rice water and also given some buffalo skimmed milk and Cerelac. Upon asking why she is giving buffalo skimmed milk, she told me that she is tolerating it well from starting and her appetite is very good and demands. Now, I suspect the buffalo milk is the cause for her diarrhea. I asked to mother to ask her milkman that if he has changed her buffalo, which she agrees and asked me to seek an allopathic child specialist consultation. I advised her to go ahead, but consult me too after three days or earlier if needed.

On Fifth day, the mother came to me and asked that she is now constipated for two days and no stool for two days despite heavy meals. I gave her Nux Vomica 30C to be taken three times at night. Mother told that the milkman has changed his buffalo for the last seven days i.e. with the onset of her child's diarrhea and she stopped giving that milk from that day. She also consulted a pediatrician who gave her some , vitamin drops, and Flora BC syrup. She gave only three dose of antibiotic at night, morning, evening and no stool from this evening, morning, night, morning and she is presented at night for her girl's constipation. I told that it is a quite common after diarrhea and after allopathic treatment and would be okay in few days without any medication and early with some homoeopathic medication like Nux Vomica in 1-2 days. The mother reported me on morning that her girl had a quite normal bowel movement this morning.
So Diarrhea may be due to change in milk from one (cow, bufallo, etc) to another one. Mother was asked to try the bufallo milk once again after some time and advised to told to his milkman to inform family if he make any changes in his bufallo or cow.
Wish You Happy New Year Viewer.
Dr. Rakesh Kumar (B.H.M.S)

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