Mr. RS asked is there any treatment for Schamberg’s disease in homoeopathy. The patient was having disease involving severely at ankles and slowly less severe upwards the knee.

Mr. RS was informed that certainly this is a rare disease and there is no case or literature on the internet related to Schamberg’s disease's homoeopathic treatment, but homoeopathy certainly can treat this condition as homoeopathy treats the patient not the disease.

Mr. RS is advised to give detail regarding the patient i.e. himself along with his disease.

Mr. RS reported that it started about one year ago and Mr. RS is advised to recall the events around one year ago and tell me and try to find out any possible cause which he thinks.

The patient was advised to wear compressive stockings and reassured that constitutional homeopathic medicine must help him significantly.

However, Mr. RS did not mail me any further and we could not proceed anymore.

Meanwhile, A 52-year-old gentleman came to my blog and reported that he has some dark red spot on his lower part of the legs. He reported that he was told by a skin specialist that it is Schamberg's disease with limited cure in allopathy. He further reported that he is hypertensive and has been taking Amlogard 5 mg and Losar 25 mg for the past 8 years. He asked for homeopathic treatment for Schamberg's disease.

He was notified all terms and conditions involved my online free homeopathic advice and he apparently accepted these.

He has asked What is the cause of this disease?

My answer is that the cause is unknown yet, but most possibly it is caused by some genetic disorder.

Do your parents have any such disease?

His second question is that is it contagious and My answer is that certainly not.

Please recall events and circumstance when you first notice this. Do you have any major illness during that time. Do you suspect any possible thing responsible for this?

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Suresh Kumar said...

Thanks Doctor. I shall revert back with the complete history over the last one year. Regards, Suresh

lll said...

My father or mother did not have this disease. Nothing untoward happened in the past one year that may have been a cause for this disease. I felt it may be related to the BP Medication.
Is there any natural or herbal cure such as Neem etc.

Dr. Rakesh said...

Take 2-3 drops in half cup of water two times a day for 15 days.

Dr. Rakesh said...

Purchase Carbo Veg 30c in liquid form.

Take 2-3 drops in half cup two times a day for 15 days.

Keep in touch.

Do you have any other problem or any other problem, which you face very often.

lll said...

Thank you Doctor. I will take Carbo Veg as prescribed.
Any oral application or ointment.
I was prescribed Clobetamil Ointment (Clobetasol Propionate Cream USP). Should I continue applying it?
Also Techzime 1/2 tab twice a day for 15 days which I have taken for 5 days. There has been with no improvement till now. Should I continue it or not?
I am also taking BP medicines as informed earlier.

Dr. Rakesh said...

You are wellcome

For now no cream, etc.

Regarding Clobetamil Ointment and medication, these are upon you as I could not know full information about your disease.

In general it is good to be on only homeopathic medicine if possible.

Regarding blood pressure medication, you should continue the medication

lll said...

I took Carbo Veg 30 for a month. Did not improve the condition at all.

Are you aware of leech therepy? I'd read that it is very effective in Vericos Veins. Does it also help in Schumbergs?

Dr. Rakesh said...

As per my knowledge, leech procedure is replaced by Phlebotomy, which is usually done for certain blood condtions.

I believe you had stop taking the Carbo Veg if not please do not take it anymore unless advised by any homoeopathic doctor.

Thank for your reply Sir.

Schamberg disease said...

Thank you Doctor, learned something new again. i didn't quite get this: " but homoeopathy certainly can treat this condition as homoeopathy treats the patient not the disease."

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