Case of De Quervain tendonitis Homeopathic Constitutional treatment Helped a lot


About 15 days eariler this patient came with acute complaint of diarrhea for one day.

Upon questioning she revealed that she had eaten a dish of butter (paneer) and drink some whay also.

As she is a regular patient of mine and she is basically Pulsatila lady and presenting today characterstics of Puls i.e. aggravation form butter and somewhat tearful.

I gave her Puls 30 C three doses to be taken at 10 minute interval.

After 5 days she reported that not only her diarrhea as well as her pain from De Quervain Tendinitis also improved about 95%. She is no longer using any pain medication for last seven days.

Upon asking thumb spica she answered that she had not ordered it yet as things seems to improving. I asked her to call or visit if her pain returns and avoid to wash clothes and holding his baby as much as possible.

So Constitutional treatment as always helps in any disease condition.

If you suffer from DeQuervain syndrome and want some homoeopathic or medical advise from me, please do not hesitate to ask. You just have to post your query via comment section.
Please note DeQuervain syndrome is not a easy problem to solve and living with it. Please share your experience, sign, symptoms, causing factors, treatments your trying and its results, and other informations for its better management. In this way you can help others who are suffering from this disease

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savita said...

Hello Doctor,
For the past 5 months i m suffering from de quervain in my right hand.i have taken severel medicines after consulting orthopedics.but its not working at child is 9 months old.can you plz suggest me if it can be healed through homeopathy.Thanks

Admin said...

Ms. Savita and all other readers please mail me ur problem in detail to askdrrkumar(at the rate) bcoz now i m unable to give advice via comment section.

Anonymous said...

I was diagnosed with de quervain for my right wrist 2 weeks ago. The pain started about a month ago, a few weeks after I was diagnosed with frozen left shoulder.

The shoulder pain started mildly after my move into a new place. Then I injured the shoulder a few more times by pulling the seat belt and yanking off the pillow case. I injured it again, after it got significantly better, when my house alarm went off and I jolted up pulling my shoulder.

I was taking Advil for the pain and inflammation, then switched to Tylenol but neither worked much any more. The orthopedics gave me voltaren gel for the pain for both wrist and shoulder.

Two days ago, I found info regarding arnica. So, yesterday and today, I took 2 30c every two hours. The pain on the shoulder is lessening but still sore and dull especially in the morning. I got a massage today and some of the crunchiness and soreness were alleviated. I still can't raise my left arm pass a little higher than horizontal.

My wrist was very inflammed two weeks ago. Last week the swelling went away after I started wearing a hard brace that restricts movement of my thumb. But this week it came back after carrying a bag. The pain is still a bit sharp if I twist or put any weight on it.

I noticed the arnica worked a bit better for my shoulder and doesn't seem to have much effect on my wrist.

I am not diabetic but i am on the boderline. I had 10 months of strong antibiotic for avarian flu in 1998. I had done extensive chelation for lead and mercury around 2008. I read the profile for arnica and I found it to be good descriptive for me.

Any advise is greatly appreciated.

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