Head injury children and homoeopathy.

It is always very hurting to see your child injured. I am writing some information regarding, which I think may be useful for you.

Children (0-6 years) are very tend to get head injury due to various reasons, but mainly because the head is heaviest part of the body and center of gravity.

Every parent should avoid these injuries as they always left a negative effect on child's development and sometimes it may be fatal.

But the most comforting thing is to parents is that there is very fewer serious consequence found in children who fell from less than six feet height. If a child cries just after injury and appropriately and calms down without much difficulty then there is usually no serious injury. If the child got sleep during consolation then the child should be awaken after 20-30 minutes and check his activities and hand, feet, and eye movements. If is easily awakened then and assumes normal activities then it is good sign.

Sign and symptoms after head injury in child depends on many things i.e. severity of trauma, age of child, style of impact, open wound, etc.

Sign and symptoms may last anywhere for few hours to entire life and symptoms may arise from just after the injury to weeks and even years, but first 24 hour is most considerable period. During this watch his activities and note these things which wants immediate medical attentions
1. Child seems confused. Contact your doctor as soon as possible.
2. Blood or clear fluid from ears or nose. To stop bleeding make a large pad of a clean cloth and put this pad on bleeding site and press firmly. Contact your doctor as soon as possible.
3. Vomiting especially repeated and forceful. Contact your doctor as soon as possible.
4. Not breathing normally and stopped breathing. Try to breath through mouth-on-mouth if you noticed that your child has stopped breathing. This can save the life of your child. Contact your doctor as soon as possible.

Some things to do for preventing head injuries
1. Never think your toddler child is safe if you are around him especially on bed. Always handle or take on ground.
2 Take care in any dangerous environment.
3. Try to put thick head cap especially in winter for prevention of cold as well as any head trauma.
4. Most head injury to child usually at morning time as these time the children are more energetic and you may not due to lack of good sleep at night and other causes. Take care extra attention while taking care child in morning. Do not take them on bed morning. Try to keep bed low as much as possible or make bed on ground.

Children Head Trauma Homoeopathy
Arnica 1M should be used for three days three times daily and Nat Sulph 1M thereafter three times a day for three days or consult your homoeopathic physician

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gks said...

I am suffering from Dequervain's disease right unit. I have consulted an Ortho Docter and he prescribed several medicines of couse after going through some blood tests. My C-Reactive Protien was 28 mg/l. I took medicines for almost a month and gone through US therepy for 20 days. But, relief was temporary. Can I consult you ? Where is your clinic ? Can this disease be cured in homoeopathy ? Kindly advise.

gks said...

My wife is suffering from Dequervein's disease right unit. I consulted an Ortho doctor and he prescribed several medicines besides various blood tests.
C-reactive protein was 28mg/l. About 1 month has elapsed but during the medication she was feeling better but not now. Is there any medicine in homoeopathy to cure this disease. Please give your clinic address so that I may consult you.


Admin said...

Please mail me your details at askdrrkumar(at the rate)gmail.com.

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