Prolonged Common Cold Treatment


1. Start drinking lots of fluid.
2. Drink lots of lemon juice and orange juice (for runny nose and lots of sneezing)
3. Take chicken soup.
4. Use Ginger in rather much quantity in tea.
5. Dot warm salty water gargles four times a day.
6. Warm tea water gargle can be used for relief of throat irritation.
7. Take raw crushed garlic.
8. Take raw onion in salad.
9. Use raw onion or onion juice with honey
10. Inhaling crushed carom seeds (ajwain) will help to relieve nasal obstruction.
11. Use an extra pillow while sleeping.
12. Milk (200 ml, chuwara (dry dates) 4 piece and 1 almond (badam), adarak (zinger), ajwain (carom seeds), ghee (butter oil), gur (Jaggery), small quanitiy of haldi (turmeric), half cup water. Procedure: Put ghee on bowl when heated put jawin and jawain turned black put meshed chuwara, almond, adrak, and gud, then put water, and lastly put milk and get boiled and drink it hot. It is a nice recipe to manage prolonged cold and to prevent common cold.


13. Vitamin C 500 mg three times a day.
14. Echinacea.
15. Zicam (Zinc nasal spray)
16. Zinc lozenges.
17. Airborne.
18. Colloidal silver
19. Loratadine

HOMOEOPATHIC REMEDIES: Consult a homoeopathic physician or ask me.
Homoeopathic medicine Bromium may prove quite useful for prolonged common cold. Try Bromium 30 C three times a day for two days.

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