New Acne Case Case No. 3 Acne Worse During Menses And Warm Weather


A Female for quite sometime suffered with small reddish pimples which seem to appear more often on chin and around mouth. Acne aggravated by sugars i.e., a big slice of cake. The patient also gets pimples on forehead but noticed that they come up only when she stops taking milk thistle (hindi name bhatkatya). So according to this patient milk thistle are helping his forehead pimples. The patient also suffered with dry skin on cheeks, which cured by taking Sulphur 30C two tablets sucked on the tongue 4 times a day.

The patient's acne usually appear more during her period. So once again it is proving that acne is quite much related to hormones.

The patient's acne is very mild, get small red raised pimples on chin sometimes with whiteheads.

Her acne do not suppurates and her acne does not cause itching.

Her acnes are not painful.

Her acnes are reddish in color.

Acne worse in heat environment.

Her menstrual symptoms were significant for bland menstrual blood, dark brownish red in color, for first 2 days is thick and heavy, a lot at the start and then calms down, regular, lasting for 7 days, and get pain during the first 2 days which is relieved by a hot water bottle and taking Mag Phos.

Generally, the patient's is normal, usually feels hungry, interrupted sleep, dreams the patient doesn’t remember.

Mentally, the patient is depressed, moody, irritable, when down don't talk much, don't liked to be touched, prefer to be alone, low sex drive, shout at partner and parents, weepy, become house bound when down in the dumps.

The patient likes hot weather but her body doesn't ! The patient don't like the cold. The patient prefers dry, warm, slightly breezy climates.

The patient like sweet things and things fatty.

During menses tongue is heavily coated in white.

Sulphur and Psorinum medicines were indicated. Psorinum 200C 2-3 globules three times at 10 minute interval only one day was prescribed and the patient was advised to post response in 10 days.

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