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HYPERTENSION {headaches and/or dizziness and/or fatigue and/or facial flushing and/or transient insomnia and/or feeling hot and/or heart attack (acute intense pain in the chest and/or abnormal heart beat and/or difficulty breathing and/or sweating unnaturally and/or numbness and/or dizziness and/or vomiting), stroke (SUDDEN numbness or weakness of face, arm or leg - especially on one side of the body and/or SUDDEN confusion, trouble speaking or understanding and/or SUDDEN trouble seeing in one or both eyes and or SUDDEN trouble walking, dizziness, loss of balance or coordination and/or SUDDEN severe headache with no known cause), and chronic renal failure (hypertension, congestive heart failure (shortness of breath and/or fatigue and or edema, unable to sleep while lying down, increased urine at night, nausea and/or vomiting and or abdominal pain), decreased urine or absent urine and/or rapid pulse and/or dry mouth and/or uremic frost } DIABETES (excess urine, excess thirst, excess appetite weight loss, lethargy), COLD AND FLU AND SWINE FLU {sore throat, cough, fever, headache, and runny nose} BRONCHITIS (productive cough and/or frequent throat clearing and/or dyspnea, and/or wheezing and/or fever) FROSTBITE AND CHILBLAIN (numbness, pale whitish grayish skin, skin feels hard, firm, and waxy, blistering, ulcerations, and gangrene), SKIN AND LIP PROBLEMS (dry skin and dry lip and lip sores ) DIARRHEA AND VOMITING FEVERS (DENGUE, MALARIA, CHIKUNGUNYA, JAPANESE ENCEPHALITIS, and PNEUMONIA) and other common winter health problem which can make your winter troublesome

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