Free Online Acne Case-12: Pimples and Papular Acne Worse in Summer


A 25-year-old female computer operator from Hyderabad suffering from pimples and papular acne eruption for last 24 hours. These eruptions are mainly affecting her forehead, chin, and cheeks and mainly worse in summer. She has tried antibiotics in the past, but upon stopping the antibiotics the eruptions returned and she is afraid of side effects of long use of antibiotics so she is considering trying homoeopathic medicines.

She describes as her problems as “one ball like hard pimple is coming on my chin / cheek / forehead. After that it is becoming large and at that time it is very paining. After that it is having a head and from that an whitish / yellow color pus is coming and some small pimples without heat boils with ,pus are also coming around my face.”

Until now she has used “Minoz OD tablets for about 6 months (daily dosage one tablet)
Crixan Zel ointment Glacex tablets. (daily dosage - 2 Tablets).”

The acne eruptions do suppurate quite much and the skin is dry.

Reportedly, her menstrual periods are normal and they have no relation to acne.

The patient is advised that she should benefit from Natrum Mur 30c 3-4 pills weekly. She should stop taking medicines as soon as she notice any changes better or worse and to report here

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bhavani said...


First of all Thankyou Mr. Rakesh.
I have been using the medicine you suggested for me to get rid of the pimples on my face.

It is really working on my face. The number of pimples i am getting daily got reduced and the size of the pimples also get minimized.

I feel that it is showing a very positive response on my face. Now i came out of depression as my face is becoming normal and i am very very happy now.

I really thankyou very much for your kind consideration in my case.

Dr. Rakesh said...

I really feel good as you responded nicely and thank you to replying here.

Homoeopathy certain works if we are able to find a correct remedy though it is difficult to find a correct remedy as there are quite large number of medicine for any condition which needs homoeopathic treatment.

Sometimes It take time to reach a correct remedy and there is a certain path of taking homoeopathic medicines. You should not take any homoeopathic medicine without consulting a homoeopathic medicine for any condition.

Natural Acne Treatment said...

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bhavani said...


Dear Mr. Rakesh.

I have been using the medicine suggested by you for me to get rid of the pimples on my face.

As i said that i have the boils and pimples problem on my cheeks, chin and forehead the observations made after the medication suggested by you are as follows.

1. Cheeks - Become almost clear now the scars are also not appearing now. The cheeks become smooth.

2. Chin - Still i am getting some heat boils and becoming scaly but not as much as earlier. The count of heat boils and pimples got reduced on my chin.

3. Forehead - Same as like chin.

Do i need to continue the same or should i change the medicine, Kindly suggest me. Can i use the same medicine for longer period or does it have any side effects?

Kindly suggest me.



Dr. Rakesh said...

You should take Natrum Mur 200c 3-4 pills at 10 minute interval in the morning.

You should not take any salty food until evening on the day when you take this dose.

You should take this dose about seven days after the last dose of Natrum Mur 30c

Dipti said...

Iam having mild vanishes for sometime then again the time of period it comes body skin is very dry and facial skin is oily at some area.. I heard SBL Pimplex tabs are good for skin. can you suggest me the medicine pls iam having marriage after 2 months and face is not looking good at all :-(

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