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Hypothermia is a condition, which happens very commonly during winter to infants and old peoples.

When body temperature goes below 35.0 °C or 95.°F and it is harmful because body metabolism and body function gets affected negatively by hypothermia.

Recently, a 65-year-old female patient came to clinic complaining of episodic fever with chilliness. When I take her temperature I found it to be 98.5 and upon this she said at this time she is feeling okay so she has normal temperature. I gave her a thermometer and asked her family member to record temperature when she feels fever with chilliness.

Further, she describes these episodes even in bed in early morning, afternoon, and evening with dryness of throat, altered taste in mouth, and anxiety and fear.

Few days later, family reported that they are getting temperature around 95° F and so no fever. I told them it is a bad sign and when she has low temperature try to warm her.

Few days later, family reported me that she has continued to have these episodes even now with much better warm clothing on her body as well on her bed and they are concerned about to find out what is the cause of this episodic hypothermia. I reassured them and just try to keep her warm when these episodes occur and I decided to visit the patient's house to find out any possible cause there.

In patient's house I noticed that she is staying in drawing room with four doors and two windows so I was confident that this room must be always cold so I advised her to be shifted in other room and Gave her Nux Moschata 30c 1 drum (homeopathically indicated medicine for her) and she responded to both these measures and no further episodes of such possible hypothermia.

So old people should stay in a warm room not a constantly chilled room during winter.

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