Bronchiolitis Managed By Homoeopathy


This is a running online case of a 10-month-old boy who is also suffering with delayed detention and under weight.

On January 14, 2009
She asked advice regarding recurrent common cold and cough and currently within attack of cold with obstruction of nose, thick discharge on morning and thin afterwards, excessive coughing, vomiting after drinking, seizure, but no fever, and chronically excessive sweating on head

Sulphur 30C three doses at 10 minute interval advised.

On January 15, 2009
Up until Sulphur was not given by mom and meanwhile child developed fever and mom gave chil Tylenol and fever resolved.

On January 16, 2009
Mom gave Sulphur and noticed improvement and asked second dose of sulphur and wrote"It seems he has lots of mucus while coughing but not able to bring out and looks very weak and tired"

Mom advised Ipecac instead of Sulphur.

Ipecac has great action on lungs and brought suptum via vomiting in children and causes to loose sputum

On January 17, 2009
Mom was not able to get Ipecac and consulted to pediatrician who diagnosed the child with bronchiolitis and put him on nebulizer so mom was advised to give child antim tart 30c as it works finer bronchioles which is the case as in bronchiolitis fine bronchioles are mainly involved

On January 18, 2009
In night Antim Tart 30c three doses was given
No improvement until morning
Second dose advised

On January 19, 2009
Mom reported improvement and mom advised to wait

On January 20, 2009
Mom reported continue to do better

On January 21, 2009
Mom reported continue to do better

Unfortunately on January 23, 2009
Mom reported fresh attack of cold with cough, blockage of nose, coughing while asleep, and this time mom reported the child having heavy breathing since birth
Nux Vom 30C was advised in three doses.

On January 24, 2009
No improvement

On January 25, 2009
Bryonia alternated with Ipecac was advised

Mom reported vomiting after Bryonia dose

On January 26, 2009
Mom reported great improvement in all suffering

On January 27, 2009
No report from mom

On January 28, 2009
Mom reports doing better

On January 29, 2009
Puls was advised as a acute constitutional remedy

On January 30, 2009
No report from mom

On January 31, 2009
Mom was not able to give child Puls and reported being herself with some genetic problems and being severe anemic during gestation period of this child.

On night Puls was given in three doses

On February 1, 2009
Mom report no improvement after Puls and Sulphur 30c was advising on February 2, 2009 morning

On February 2, 2009
Felt improvement following Sulphur dose

On February 3, 2009
Mom report no further improvement and still with breathing difficulty, obstruction of nostrils, coughing episodes at night, chest congestion, and today seen pediatrician who told child's chest to be clear, but got right ear effusion and cough is from postnasal drip

On 4 February, 2009
Puls 30c advised, but mom was able to gave Puls 200c

On February 5, 2009
Mom reported improvement cough, cold, and ear symptoms and reported child being weak and tired

Ferrum Phos was advised. Now he is suffering mainly only night for which she is giving one dose of Antim Tart at night.

On February 6, 2009
Night dose of Antim Tart feeling improved

On February 7,
Feeling improved

On February 8, 2009
Mom thanks a lot as his child is feeling much better now and asked about his excessive sweating on head and also concerned about his older child's gum issue.

So I think bronchiolitis is quite nicely managed by homoeopathy with only some help of allopathic drugs (one or two days of nebulizer and without antibiotics as per mom report) as well as ear effusion with pulsatila, bryonia and antim tart worked for chest symptoms. Sulphur worked for his overall health. Nux Vomica disappointed, but it was not indicated well. Nux Vomica is a great remedy to prevent common cold but when given at very early stage of cold i.e. just tingling and itching of nostril which indicates onset cough.

Mom has shown interest in further treatment advise regarding her sons and as always I am also ready to help newborn and keep away from side effects of allopathic medicines as much as possible.

Dear viewer if your child has recurrent cold and cough then asked me via comment section and keep away your child from side effects of allopathic medicines

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विप्लव said...

Respected Dr Rakesh,
first of all i would like to congratulate you for the great work you are doing.

I am father of two sons. younger is just one month old and caught cold since last 2 days. since yesterday he started coughing. it seems as if he is having some trouble in throat and there is some hissing sound while breathing (not always and not very loud). he is also sneezing in between. he is crying more than normal and also looking less active since last night. he was born in normal delivery weighing 2.7 kg an was given the usual BCG, HEPATITIS and POLIO VACCINES after one week of his birth. i dont want to put him on allopathic medicines. but my homeopath is not always ready to prescribe medicines in the first stage. he initially asks for some home remedies and gives homeopathic, only when the problem grows. right now he has asked only some warm massage on chest to my little son. i dont want to give him allopathic medicines,
as i had a very bad experience when my elder son suffered with the same problem. they put him on anti-biotics for more than a month with only side-effects and no benefits at all, when he was 14 months old. they even said that he might be suffering with TB and wanted to start treatment for TB.
luckily i went for the advance diagnostic tests and found that he had no TB. Lastly he was cured by homeopathy. Although he still catches cough and cold very easily, but we manage it with homeopathy. mostly it is belladona-30 or chamomilla-30. depending on the symptoms. he was also given ars alb-30 when he developed pneumonia like symptoms and was cured by repeated doses of the medicine. but after reading your posts i feel, we may need to change the course of treatment for him as well. But right now my main concern is our one month old baby boy. can you please give your most valuable advice for him? As for family history, i may add that i have a problem of high esinophil counts and some times have to take medicines (hetrazan or benocide forte) for that, especially during change of weather. i live in delhi, india, which has very rapidly changing weather and high pollution levels.
with thanks and regards
ps..just now, as i was writing this post, he had sneezing and slightly yellow and thick mucous came out of his nose.

Dr. Rakesh said...

Please first of all do not apply vicksvaprub if for your younger child, it can be very harmful.

Keep in touch and post his present condition in detail as much as possible.

including his sleeping, feeding, toilet pattern, urine pattern, skin color and texture,

Jeff said...

There is a new product that has been shown to be safe and effective for children 1 and older. It is called Honey Don’t Cough, you should check it out and let parents know about it.

-Daddy Doctor

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