Follow-ups on Acne in 30-year-old female


On November 23, 2008 patient reported
"I took the sulphur this morning, 3 x 30c every 10mins from 9am till midday. Through out the morning i felt increasingly achey in my muscles, mainly my gluts, my back and across my shoulders. I put this down to my workout this morning but i did nothing i normally do and it was not strenuous. I am thinking it might be the sulphur. I am also shivery/cold but with a hot face, very lethargic and disoriented and nauseous (though not been sick. This is all totally out of character for me and I felt fine until about 10am after the sulphur. Is this possible and should this be happening? It is now 1430 and I still feel unwell as above. "

I reassured the patient and said wait and see

On November 24, 2008 the patient reported

"Right now I feel normal again! I have been to the toilet twice this morning with very loose bowels but now I am fine. I have little appetite. My skin seems worse these last 2 days, but mainly on my left and spreading higher up my face. The spots are painful and swollen. My hands and feet do not feel so cold! Will the excess sulphur cease to work or will the desired outcome still be the same?"

Once again, I reassured her and said "it is good indication, outcome still be same, please do not take any medication now for anything until any major requirement"

On evening of November 24, 2008 she reported
"I will ammend and say I have been to the toilet CONSTANTLY all day! Still no appetite but apart from that I feel OK. Not taking any more medication, homeopathic or otherwise. I will update you in 3 days as requested originally or if anything immediate changes, then sooner."

Comment by Dr. Rakesh: So this is a classical case of homoeopathic aggravation i.e. short and sharp aggravation, but patient says "i feel OK". Second onset of diarrhea suggesting discharge.

Keep in touch to know the outcome after this homoeopathic aggravation

Rakesh Kumar, B.H.M.S.

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