A running case of De Quervain’s tendinitis


A running case of De Quervain’s tendinitis

Name. JS
Age: 30 Years
Sex: Female

Presenting Complaint: Bilateral lateral wrist pain.

History of Present Illness: The patient is a 30-year-old female who is 7 months postpartum via C-section. The patient developed bilateral wrist pain after 3 months after the delivery. It was gradual in onset. She tolerated this for some days and then taken some ibuprofen which were of benefits for sometime but after that nothing. After the gap of some days, she started to have breast lump and pain possibly due to obstruction of milk for which she take some nimsulide and serratopeptidase which in addition to her breast pain also relieved her lateral wrist pain of both hands quite significantly in starting then moderately and now she is getting mild relief from her nimsulide and serratopeptidase which she started to take on a prn basis for her pain, not for breast pain. There was pain with the use of hand and thumb. She applied ice on that side 1 but it cause her aggravation in pain. Pain is worse after use of hands and wrist and relieved by rest. She is a nursing and working woman.

Past Medical History: None of .

Past surgical history: C-section 7 months ago.

Medication: Nimsulide and serratopeptidase.

Allergies: No known drug allergies.

Social history: Married. Does not smoke or drink.

Family history: Noncontributory.

Physical examination: The patient is a 30-year-old pleasant female in no acute distress. Height: 4'9". Weight: 45 Kg. Vital signs were normal.

On examination of the wrist, she was tender on lateral side of both wrist at thumb area. Extension of thumb was painful and there is mild swelling. On palpation, it was tender also. Finkelstein maneuver was performed which was positive.

Diagnosis: De Quervain’s tendinitis.

Homoeopathic Evaluation:
The patient is affectionate (asked who loves she and whom she hates, answered many for love and none for hate), mild irritable (asked about anger episodes, she has a few anger episode but with reasonable reason), cheerful (by observation), desires company, no delirium, no delusion, no fear in excess, no forgetfulness. She takes deep sleep, dreams of daily working, family members, mostly unremembered, and sometime amorous. These days she has no particular desire or aversion to any foods.

After analyzing the case thoroughly, we reached to Phos, Puls, Sulph, Nat Mur, and Nux Vomica
Phos 30 C 3 doses at 10 minute interval prescribed to patient on November 26, 2008 and asked to report in 1 week and advised to avoid using wrists and hands as much as possible and try to purchase gloves to help with pain shown on PC on Glove type-1 . glove should suppor both wrist and thumb glove type-2 glove picture-3.
This case is cured for more detail see follow-ups.
Dr. Rakesh Kumar (B.H.M.S., Lko)

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