Running Case: Acne in 30-year-old female


This 30-year-old female has acne mild to moderate in severity for many years controlled with oral contraceptive, which has been stopped in order to conceive.
Her acnes are papular and pustular with purplish tint. Sometimes they suppurate. They did not itch and the main location of acne is chin and lower jaw line. These are worse during warm condition.
Generalities: The patient is a cheerful lady with increased need of sleep for refreshment. It is hard to her to awake from sleep in the morning. Her dreams are vivid. Her menses are regular, scanty, short duration, brown fluid with clotted blood. Her acne complaints are much more worse during and just after menses. She wants a definite tasty food. At present, her thirst and appetite are increased. The patient has very dry skin in hands.
She is an active and exercising lady with fit body structure. Her bowel movements are regular.
After considering all of these, Lyco, Sulphur, Lach, and Graphites were considered.
Graphites have many of acne symptoms and menses symptoms of this lady, but is discarded at this due to her fit body and regular bowel movements.

Sulphur and Lyco both have dry skin in hands so it was decided to start treatment with Sulphur 30C, but it seems that she is a Lyco female and would be given after some dosages of Sulphur 30C.
I hope good improvement in her acne condition. She is presently using aloe topically which is quite beneficial for her and is advised to wash face with luke warm water and take Sulphur 30C in the morning that would certainly help.
Keep in touch and know her progress

Rakesh Kumar, B.H.M.S.

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