Follow-up-Fever with sever chill and homoeopathic/disease aggravation- UTI with severe chill


The patient's daughter visited me regarding his father's health. She reported that on last Saturday she went to an allopath who told her that her father may be suffering from either typhoid or UTI. He written for some lab work for to rule out these conditions and there was no typhoid fever on widal test and suggestion of UTI with elevated ESR and anemia with hemoglobin of 9.3. He started him on Oflox 200 mg bid PCM 500 mg t.i.d. and nimulac 100 mg bid and iron pills after half hour each meal. He is feeling well, but intermittently get unwell i.e. one episode of fever with chill on Wednesday afternoon after walkig about 1 mile and on Saturday morning feeling an episode of dizziness otherwise all thing is normal with weakness. She asked me about my insight about her father and I told that on PCM, nimulac, and antibiotics I can only say that he is fighting with infection from UTI and suggested some urine test to assess his renal function as PCM and nimusulide can disturb liver and renal function.

Upon questioning activities around first episode of fever and chill, the daughter told that her father and mother came here Lucknow on January 25, 2009 for visiting her. Up to 7 February, 2009 he was walking a lot visiting his old co-workers and friends in Lucknow (I got impression of dehydration from such activities) when he had an moderate attack of chill at night and she gave her some PCM and everything got okayed. On 9 February, 2009 they gone for picnic with they drink there sweetcane juice (got an idea of unhygienic food intake) and the next day morning he get second attack of fever with chill when she gave her Nux advised by me from which his condition got aggravated. After one day treatment and two day waiting his father lost faith on me and then amoxicillin 250 mg bid without PCM for three with only night fever by a medical person within the family and then finally on Saturday consulted with the allopath.

I could not understand the role PCM 500 mg t.i.d. and nimusulide 100 mg b.i.d. dosages. I believe that antipyretic therapy should not be started in early phase of fever especially in the case of children and retired old persons if possible. They should wait for at least one week with proper rest and homoeopathic treatment and other alternative mode of reatment.

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