De Quervain's syndrome followup and upper lip red discoloration


The lady with de Quervain's syndrome came to me today with upper lip discoloration. I asked about any sensation to upper lip and she revealed sensation of mild swelling only and no any other symptoms.

Upon asking timing of onset, she revealed that she noticed it this morning.

Upon asking any other general symptoms, she denied any other complaint including any cold or sinus symptoms.

Upon asking what she thinks what cause this, she answered that she ate methi dana with milk last night and today she did not have a bowel movement may be the possible culprit.

Upon asking her GI symptoms, she revealed that these she is having more gas and now got constipated, but just due to eating more gas producing vegetables.

Upon asking about her wrist pain, she reported these days she is having mild wrist pain at night. She noticed wrist pain occurs and aggravated when her hands are within bed and bed covering (so warmth of the bed).

On inspection, I found nothing other than dark red discoloration of upper lip (only inside)

So Sulphur 200C three dose was given to the patient to be taken in morning at 10 minute. Of note, Sulphur is also indicated strongly for red discoloration of upper lip.

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