Fever with sever chill and homoeopathic/disease aggravation


This case was very frightening and suprising one. I was called by one female patient of mine to advise homoeopathic medicine regarding her father who was running a low grade fever with mild shivering.

Upon questioning, the daughter reported that three days ago her father had an episode of fever with similar symptomatology i.e. fever started with severe feeling of chillness followed by shivering and light headache at night and daughter gave him paracetamol 500 mg tablets at night and one in afternoon and symptoms resolved.

Now this time, fever started in morning when patient got up from bed and was feeling completely well, gone to toilet but no stool at all so constipated, and then go for a brief walk and upon returning feel chilly and got feeling of onset of same type of fever. At this time, the daughter called me and reported these things. Due to excessive shivering and requirement of much clothing and history of taking allopathic drugs, I advised her to gave three doses of Nux Vomica 30C at 10 minute interval.

After first dose of Nux Vomica, just within 10 minutes her father got marked worsening of his symptoms and daughter got worried and called me once again, I reassured her that it might be a homoeopathic aggravation and would be settle down within 10-15 minutes and advised not to give him second dose medicine has started its work.

On afternoon, the daughter called and reported that the shivering episode was about 35 minuets and was very frightening for family members. Her father gone for frequent urination and had some nausea and tried to vomit, but was not successful. After 30 minutes, shivering was completely resolved with profuse sweating, light headache, and may be some low-grade fever. I advised daughter to wait.

On evening, daughter visited and reported all events in detail and said that he is still not feeling well with some mild fever and headache and reported that she gave her amoxicillin 250 mg capsule at the request of his father who is used to take this medication whenever he gets fever. I advised her to give one dose of Nux Vomica in the view of that it will not produce such strong aggravation and the patient would be benefited.

She gave her one dose of Nux Vomica with some water and surprisingly the patient once again got the feeling of chilliness and followed by severe shivering Not severe as morning and fever and frequent urination and at this time he vomited large amount of yellowish vomit within 30 minutes and the shivering subsided following this vomiting. Fever gradually settle down and completely resolved at 10:00 pm when the daughter reported the all event once again.

I reassured her that now everything would be now fine as he vomited for which I gave advised her. She asked about amoxicillin dose, I advise her to finish its course also and gave him at least for two days and advised her to report me on afternoon.
On afternoon, she reported she is doing fine with no fever, shivering, headache, and feeling quite well and surprising how strong shivering he got; which had never in his 67 years of life. He wonders how a few drops can cause these things, but is now afraid to try Nux Vomica at this time.

Conclusion, it was a homoeopathic aggravation, but the patient does not benefited fully due to some reasons may be some underlying significant bacteria/viral overload and low vitality

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suhas said...

I think Nux Vom still holds the case;

Why not try in 3x ?

or with Nux Vom 6 c ;

I've had such an aggravation with my father's (62 age)anger, once ; He got well with Nux 6c ; His shoulder pain too got aggravated with Ferrum Met 30 c , then I used Ferrum Met 6c successfully ;

You must have accurately chosen Nux; So hold to it; Test with 3x or 6c (second preference)

Dr. Rakesh said...

patient is cured with no more dosage,

Thank you for your comment

Dr.sharma said...

I'm sorry, I shouldn't have interfered with the treatment of Mrs.Kumar's baby;; You were through suited drug(Puls); Dr.John Stanton's made the GERD complex;

Dr.Soham Ram Sharma (sorahamsha)

pediatric emr said...

This is the stage that I really don't like to happen maybe, I don't know what I'm going to do if that will happens.


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