Mouth breathing and Homoeopathy (Free Online Child Case No-3)


Mother requested online homoeopathic advice on April 24, 2009 for her 10 months old son who is breathing only through mouth mainly causing sleep disturbance and feeding problem with solids. There was no discharge from his nose. Mother seen GP and he said that maybe his sinuses are inflamed, but did not give him any medication. I asked about conditions around 10 days especially of any respiratory illness and his activities at present with regards to eating, sleeping, playing, crying, stool, urine, activity, dullness, restless, etc. and she replied her kid being healthy and nothing unusual happening in the past weeks except teething. He's very obstinate while changing cloth and didn't happen before.

She further reported him to having allergy to cow's milk protein with rash and vomiting and allergy to nuts and soy. He is used to sleep with breast-feed mainly. He has mouth thrush in past and now has constipation. He also had history of dry skin on scalp. He is a boy with rather big head, well built without being a heavy, and short in height to his age.

So I reviewed this boy as a 10-month-old boy with big head who has dry nasal obstruction for about 10 days who is a obstinate child with intolerance (allergy) to milk and tendency to be constipated. These symptoms indicate Calc Carb, but without being chubby and being active contraindicates this so I asked to mom to describes what he likes to eat and what not now these days. In the reply of this mom replied nothing of significance except that he is sweating on head a lot during sleep or breastfeeding.

These conversations happened for three days in which time there was weather change and boy got nasal blockage and nasal discharge like egg white. At this juncture, I advised to mom to give child Puls 30c.

Mom did not get the chance to give the medicines and the child developed an acute episode of illness with runny nose, fever, red throat, and she is afraid that after this passes he will get back to his previous symptoms and asked what should she do. I advised her to give one dose of Puls 30c.

Mother reported noticing change in his symptoms with he can breathe better even if he had a lot of greenish mucus discharge from his nose, which has reduced.

She noticed he became even more active and some constipated and everything is okay now without sweating so much in his sleep. He definitely drinks more milk.

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