Recurrent Chalazia Disappeared With Homoeopathy (Online Free Child Case No-4)


A mother for his 2-year-old son made this online homoeopathic help request. This boy suffers from recurrent chalazia for almost 6 months. It started on the lower left lid and after sometime decreased in the size, but never went away while other tend to develop and gone on top lid. When one subsides, another appears and these are tending to be more severe with time. Mother consulted with pediatric ophthalmologist who couldn't give him any real treatment for it. Mother has been doing warm compresses to keep it soft and encourage draining and it does drain a little sometimes. His eye is red and irritated looking. Mother had put boy on antibiotic eye ointment prescribed by pediatrician and it does nothing.

From the description posted by mother Sulphur was quite indicated and asked about his build-up i.e. about hair, color of skin, and other symptoms associated with eyelids.

Mother replied that boy looks like Caucasian while he is a son from Caucasian and Chinese parents with fine hair, red eye margins, and has problems with excessive wax production in the ear.

Mother was advised to give his son Sulphur and she reported that he eliminated milk from his diet and gave Graphites and Sulphur and within a week chalazion disappeared.
Conclusion: As chalazion usually last for 5-6 months and avoiding milk from diet usually helps for chalazion so it is not clear what actually worked, but overall the child is okay and mom is very pleased with the outcome just within one week of her effort by searching online cure for his son's eyelid condition.

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