Online Acne Case No.5-Female with severe acne on nose and chin Followup-2


The patient tried Silica for about two weeks and noted no significant improvement. On further conversation it was clear that Silicea was also not the best indicated medicines for her as her photographs showed pus filled papules which seems to burst easily and suppurates very easily while Silicea does not have such speed of suppuration. The patient also got self educated on various homoeopathic medicines used for acne and noted Silicea was quite similar to her problems, but not helped and the other medicines she thought to indicated to her Heper Sulph, which I was not considering as I had an impression of a very gentle soft speaking mannered female while Heper Sulph patient is quite irritable and fussy. I advised to try Heper Sulph and from which she got short-lived excellent relief per our last conversation. I advised her to take Arnica Mon 1M and Heper Sulph 200c water dose for long lasting relief and looking forward for further conversation and further improvement of this female.

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Dr. Rakesh said...

It is about two weeks this lady has not send any email regarding her progress.

I would send her a mail soon regarding her progress.

Terence said...

wow a great post shame the Silicea treatment did not work but at least you moved on to other treatments.

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