Online Free Case No. 6 A 23-Year-Old Female With Persistent Acne.


This 23-year-old female with chronic acne (pimples, papules, whiteheads, and blackheads) mainly at forehead, cheeks, and back whose menses are significant homeopathically for flow usually in morning and thin bright red in consistency. She is well aware about the importance of water intake and drinks at least 8 glasses of water per day. I asked about her bowel movements and informed that constipation tends to flare up acne and she admitted to having constipation. I informed about her that acne may be flared up due to stress and she denied any stresses in her life. I also informed her about oil skin is the main culprit for acne and she reported that she has usually dry skin, but would have oily skin before her periods.
After repertorization Nat Mur and Puls were in consideration and by the way of conversation and constipation and female with no GI symptomatology, Nat Mur is advised alone.

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Dr. Rakesh said...

This patient has reported 65% improvement with three dose of Nat. Mur. She has developed some skin dryness on arms as well after Nat. Mur. The patient is advised to wait and watch approach

Dr. Rakesh said...

This patient reported two day ago that she is still improving.

She was advised to report after two weeks

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