Online Acne Case No.5-Female with severe acne on nose and chin


This 29-year-old female with severe chin and nose acne. Her symptoms were mainly of severe acne on nose and chin with whiteheads, papules, pustules, and cyst. Her acne are worse before menstrual and during menstrual period. Her menstrual cycle is peculiar for blood flow usually bland, occurs at night mainly, and blood is red thick with few clots. She is prone to get cols very easily during winter and she also have cold feet in winter. Her acne condition is worse with egg consumption and without egg eating she is prone to have more frequent bouts of cold. Mentally she is a cheerful lady with brief bouts of anger occasionally.

She has little to no sweating and is thirsty and has frequent urination.

She usually does have dreams of train and railway station.
On evaluation, Sulph, Sepia, Merc, Lyco, and Kali-Carb were in consideration. Based on severity, aggravation during menses and wet weather aggravation Kali-Carb was advised.

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Dr. Rakesh said...

This patient do not responded at all to Kali Carb.

Sulph was considered, but the patient does not have symptoms of Sulphur i.e. usually mild form of acne, knotty discharge from acne, patient's style of replying in a very proper manner etc.

I do not give Sepia much consideration as Sepia lady is generally not so mild in nature.

So many questions and their answer, a new picture came to me.

A 29-year-old married working lady who has mild to severe acne for about last 10+ years.

She has oily skin which makes her prone to have acne and also advised the patient to wash face at least three times a day with mild sopa and after each time when she returns from outside. As greasy skin causes dust to blockage the sweat glands opening causing sebum retention and acne.

The patient generally have dryness feature i.e. no or very less sweats, dry mouth, dry tongue, dry pharynx, constipation, chilly, very much worse in winter, cold feet in winter.

On the basis of these symptoms Silicia was prescribed to the patient and asked to report in one week.

Dr. Rakesh said...

Silicea do not work and for more information read Follow-up-2 of this case at-

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