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This request was made by the patient's husband. The patient is a 31-year-old female who has pus and blood filled pimples mainly on forehead and templates for five-6 years.

Her acne were previously worse before menses, but now they are even after and condition is worsening for some time.

Upon further questioning, we noted that the patient has irregular, clotted, late menstruation. She is generally less thirsty and decreased tolerance to cold.

Sulphur, Sepia, and Causticum were in picture and as the patient is less thirsty, chilly, habit of talking loudly, I went go ahead and advised her husband to give her wife Sepia 30C 2-3 drop directly on clean tongue three times at 10 minute interval only for one day.
Another method of taking this in distilled water was also described to the patient and he was asked to try this method if he can arrange 1 liter distilled water. This method has less chance of any type of aggravation of condition.

No response up until now by the husband (April 5, 2009).

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