Follow-up on De Quervain's tendinitis case


24 hour after the dose of Bryonia, The patient told to have no effect on pain or anything else happened. She was advised to take three times a day at 3-4 hour interval for five days because it has benefited for breast pain of same nature in past. On third day, the patient reported some painful lump in the breast and the patient was advised to stop the Bryonia as not to take anything else. She was also described about this possibility and now she said to me that she would stay on homoeopathic treatment as if it also treated allopathically it may appear once again whenever she takes any homoeopathic treatment for anything else. I asked her to report in 24 hour and she reported only mild pain relief, which does not progressed yet any more on December 9, 2008.

I told her to wait for two days more and report me after that. I think due to presence of exciting cause i.e. taking care of her baby, which she cannot avoid and other activities of daily living she is not progressing much.

I once again suggested to take complete rest at least three days. I also suggested trying physical therapy also.

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