Follow-up on case of De Quervain’s tendinitis


De Quervain’s tendinitis Homoeopathic Treatment

It was about a week after the dose of Phos, but the patient felt no benefit.
She is avoiding using wrist and thumb so she has now less pain. Gloves could not be purchased, but she wears regular bike leather gloves at night.
She reported she is now also trying some home trick including warm salt-water application for last few days.

On today she reports about cold extremities in cold weather in comparison to others. She also recall family history of polyneuropathy. She has also used her Puls and Sulphur in the past months with no benefit. She has also used Rhus Tox in starting with no benefit and she was on Arnica for healing after C-section when she started to have this pain.

The patient also told that she has taken Bryonia 30C for accumulation of milk in breast which resolved overnight, but later she had some shooting breast pain for which see take some homoeopathic treatment then Allopathy after that once again homoeopathy and finally the pain gone with 7-day course of antibiotic and pain killers. During these she developed this bilateral wrist pain which is progressively getting worse.

Considering Bryonia has helped in the past for shooting pain in this patient and pain in thumb caused by slight motion Bryonia 30C 3 dose at 10 minute interval was prescribed.

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