Methi Dana and Touch Therapy for DQS


The patient on this visit reports only some mild improvement in her symptoms. I explained her in detail the nature of this disease. She is avoiding certain activities, which are the triggering her complaint i.e. washing cloths particularly extracting water from cloth, meshing flour, and handling her child with care.

She visited today because she experienced shooting breast pain at night after excessive breastfeeding by her baby. Upon asking, what she had done with pain she answered only weeping. On the basis of this and particular affinity to hormonal disturbance with Puls I gave her Puls 30C 3 doses at 10 minute interval.

Given chronic nature of De Quervain syndrome or washerwoman's sprain , I advised her to take some Fenugreek Seed (Methi Dana) 1 teaspoon with milk at night. I have seen great result of this in tendinitis condition. The patient reports she believes in touch therapy and is going to try. I said I have no objection to this. She describes it would be self employed touch therapy in which after vigorous rubbing palms against each other and then touching it to affected area with some mantra

I asked the patient to report me in 10 days, or sooner with any questions, problem, or concern.

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