Kent's Homoeopathic Rubrics For Acne Treatment


Acne, comedones, pimples, papules, pustules, and tubercles From Kent Homoeopathic Repertory

In acne usually skin of face is affected. There are many homoeopathic medicines, which are very effective successfully used for skin eruption of face. They are mainly Sulphur, Ant-Crud, Psorinum, etc. (Face Eruption), and many of them can be used for Acne on face. If one has acne, which are markedly aggravated by becoming heated i.e. after sporting activities there is aggravation of acne or new breakthrough of acne. Another indication for Causticum is that acnes are red and occurs in groups. Acne with marked reddish tint are defined as Acne rosacea for which there are about 15 medicines.

If one had acne only on any particular area of face i.e. only in forehead, chin, and nose and if one has acne only nose then he would be benefited by Causticum very much while individual with acne on forehead would be benefited by sulphur quite well.

Homoeopathic medicines are also given according to the severity of acne as well. Very mild form or stage of acne is comedones, which are skin colored bump and may black colored so called blackheads. There are some homoeopathic medicines including Calc. Sulf, Graphites, Sel, and Sulphur, which can remove the comedones on face. Comedones on forehead can be removed by Sulphur very effectively.

Itching (face eruptions with itching) is usually absent in acne eruption, but if you have acne with itching then Sulphur would help you along with some other homoeopathic medicine.

Eruption papular and pimples
The next stage of acne is papules (inflamed pimples), which are small bumps with pinkish color. They may be painful also. Papules are mild form of pimples and pustules (inflamed and infected pimples ) are severe form pimples. Papules are inflamed bumps without infection while pustules are inflamed and infected bumps. At this stage some other homeopathic medications are given according to presence of itching (Graphites would work along with others) and according to location i.e. once again pimples on nose Caust would work along with Am-C. and Calc. Carb.

Eruption pustules
Pustular acne are very troublesome and wants great effort to clear them. Pustules indicates something more serious within body economy and wanted some deeper acting medicines like tuberculinum

Pus containing pustules and tubercles
If one have acne which tends to suppurate quite easily then Ant-Crud, Psorinum, and Rhus Tox are best indicated. Tubercles (cysts) are the severe form of acne and unfortunately they are very difficult to be cured by any means.
These are some main description related to acne which on can find in Kent Repertory.
Please do not take any homoeopathic medicine based upon this article. You can take any of them under supervision of qualified experienced homoeopathic person. Homoeopathic self-medication without proper knowledge about of homoeopathy and homoeopathic medicines may be harmful.

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