Follow-Up on de quervain's tendonitis


The patient returns for followup visit after 15 days. She is about 15 days status post her last Bryonia 30C dose. Meanwhile, she saw an orthopedic surgeon who performed the same manuever Finkelstein maneuver, which i had performed on her and told her to suffering from tendinitis, which is caused by taking care of her baby and washing cloths. She advised her some anti-inflammatory medication and calcium and avoid to holding her baby with care and with appropriate hand position, avoiding washing, and certain household activities. She was given a prescription for gloves and physical therapy at patient's request.

She consulted physical therapist for gloves ant PT, but was unimpressive about gloves as they were not same as shown by me and also about physical therapist as she asked to do some maneuver, but not that which i have done and the orthopedic surgeon and said that your problem is very mild and would be cured completely in 10 days physical therapist so she did not go ahead with any of these.

She is taking the anti-inflammatory medication when the pain is severe. She consulted me on 31 December because she started to have periods and has some breast pain after breastfeeding. Now, she has noticed that her pain is worse at night, with eating sour things, and overuse of hands. She states that her pain is somewhat better with measurements taken by her, Bryonia, and anti-inflammatory medication (Paracetamol) when pain is quite severe.

She is asked to take Bryonia 30C three dose once again and visit for followup visit in 10 days. She was also shown the Thumb_Spica_Splint image which should used and this link to purchase online Thumb_Spica_Splint online in India was shown. She was very appreciative of the care and shown interest to purchase the Thumb_Spica_Splint from

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