Online free case no-9 for Acne or Shingles?


This request for homeopathic treatment for acne was made by a 29-year-old female from Delhi India who is suffering from cystic acne mainly on cheeks and chin. Upon questioning she described her skin eruption as that there is usually pain before she develops an cystic skin lesion without pus which tends to get pus and pain still remains at this stage and the pus begins to dry and after drying it leaves there a mark. When the lesion start to drying it is usually associated with itching.

Localized pain followed by breakthrough of cystic skin eruption on cheeks caused me to rule out shingles and the patient was asked about symmetry of lesions, history of chicken pox, and time span in which she is eruption free.

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Dr. Rakesh said...

Well Readers,

This is going to be very strange case of acne. The patient reported that she had seen several dermatologist and all of them reported her eruption to be acne.

At this juncture, i would say that she might having local tenderness and pain with some inflammatory changes that are not visible to her and there is no neuropathic kind of pain caused by shingle.

Upon reviewing whole case Sulphur, Nat Mur, and Rhus Tox came in mind and i decided to Start with Rhus Tox starting with less constiutional medicines as whole picture is not clear.

Dr. Rakesh said...

Patient reported no reaction to RT and she is advised to to RT 200c for three days and further case taking is on in search of her consitituional medicine

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