Heat Rash and Boils on Scalp-Miliaria pustulosa


This is a case of a baby girl whom I am giving homeopathic treatment from very early in her life when she was a few days old. She is growly very brightly and healthly with homeopathy. She is so charming and follows commonds like very wonderful and her catching and learning capicities are great. She has no fear of vaccination injections as she do great with a few doses of around vaccination and she cries only 30 seconds when pricked by nurse and she leaves the nurse with simle and gesturing byee when leaving.

She is now 17-month old and had only one diarrhea episode, which was successfully treated with Puls which occured in December 2008 and until now she has only two episodes of which were aborted in just two day with the help of Puls and Sulphur only.

She recently developed some prickly heat rash, which were also managed by applying of ice, frequent bathing, and Sulphur.

But recently mother reported some new things, which I am considering not good i.e. desire for light in night while eariler she enjoyed dark and were used to move while in dark, big belly, rather slow weight gain, constipation, bowel movements after meals, etc., but once again mentally the girl is very bright with good memory.

Mother described these things on her last visit for bowel movements after meals. I told her that it is not a disease condition or , but she desired to remove this tendency early and back her to baseline when she used to have a good bowel movement early in the morning and then next one the next morning. One can understand the comfort with associated with this and I gave her Sulphur and Puls each for one day and her bowel movement returned for baseline. This was just eight days ago.

Two days ago, this mother returned for treatment of prickly heat and some boils on her forehead and scalp. This occured because there was a very hot and humid day after rain and prolonged power cut. I gave her once again Sulphur and advised to return if no improvement in next two days. She returned today and there was no improvement and mother washed the head three times with soap and avoided mango, which I asked to do.

This leads me to restudy the case once again and now the

Chief Complaint:

HPI: This 17-month old lovely girl developed erythematous macules, papules, and pustules mainly on forehead after a hot humid day in summer after a few days of rainy days on 07/13/2009. All three types of lesion were present on the day of visit, 07/16/2009. These lesions are somewhat painful and somewhat itching.

Past Medical History: This child born by C-section without any complication or abnormality and diarrhea at age 10-month.

Past Surgical History: None.

Medications: The child recieved IV antibiotics as a new born due to prolonged induction of labor, which resulted in C-section and Puls and Sulphur for coryza and diarrhea in the past.

Allergies: No known drug allergy or food allergy except for milk in the past, but this is resloved.

Family History: Insignificant.

Physical Examination: This is a healthy 17-month girl in no acute distress. HEENT: Erythematous macules and papules. Few pustules discharing sticky fluid. Mildly tender to touch. No cervical adenopathy. Chest: Clear. Heart: Normal S1 and S2. Abomen: Somewhat big belly in comparison to whole body. Neurological: Alert and oriented. Skin: No other skin eruption on exposed parts except as above.

Homeopathic General ROS: Very Extensive so not given here.

Homeopathic Mental ROS: Very Extensive so not given here.

Treatment Plan: As Sulphur was given eariler with benefit so a remedy that follows well Sulphur as well as covering the present skin condition. Calc Carb, Psorinum, Lyco,and Merc Sol are considered. Merc Sol 30c is given in the light of Moisty skin eruption on face with erythema. Mother is advised to return next evening.

Conclusion: This girl seems changed from Puls and Sulphur to now Calc Carb or Lycopodium (Desire for light and does not want mother only when sick as previously happening). She would do better from these medication, which would be started after confirmation

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