Followup of Miliria Pustula case


This case now not doing well. Merc Sol produced no benefit. Then Few doses of Psornium given (boils caused by warmth)and this caused some relief in scalp boils mainly dried discharge and redness, but meanwhile patient developed 3-4 reddish papules on nose and eyes. Then Calc Sulph and Silicia was given to abort the process early, but sometimes it seems to do better , but again new boil come on. I also out of reach for the mother and during this time parents decided to consult allopathic doctor who gave him Amoxicillin syrup twice a day and Azithromycin syrup once a day for three days. This is the first day when I am writing this post. Calendula @ and alternate warm and cold compresses were also advised the patient, which she reports she has done for sometimes and she noticed it helps to bring the pus on surface and subsequently healing soon. The mother will see me after three days to report how she is doing

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