Treatment/management for recurrent rash/boils/abscess in summer


In my experience treating/managing recurrent rash/boils/abscess in summer/rainy season is very difficult. From homeopathic point of view, unless a constitutional medicine is not given there would be no cure or significant improvement.

Frequent washing is the key for preventing recurrent boils/rash in summer/rain. Bacteria responsible for boils/rash mainly colonize in the inside the nose and causes boils upon reaching skin usually by nose boring by fingers. There is usually more boring of nose because there is increase crusting in summer in nose. Children tend to bore nose extensively and so children tend to get recurrent boils in summer. Parents should keep the nostril moisturized and may apply some antibiotic solution or homeopathic antibiotic solution Calendula Q.

Calendula Q internally as well as externally should be used as early as you see any boils in summer/rainy season.

Echinacea Q/30c should be used two times daily if you tend to suffer from recurrent boils.

For pain ease from boils in children: Apply pads soaked with warm water with calendula Q for 10-20 seconds alternated with pads soaked with calendula Q in cold water for 3-8 seconds for early maturation and ease of boils. This should be repeated three to five times per day. This really works.

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