Follow up on Possible CAMRSA boil.


On third day course of antibiotics there was only 40 percent improvement and there were still new boils were forming, although with a slow rate and growth.

Mother did reconsulted on third day and her PCP reported that during this monsoon boils are not responsive generally to common safe antibiotics and now changed amoxicillin to ofloxacin for three days. On 2nd days there was about 70 percent improvement, but still new boils were arising and at this time mother revisited me again and reported same course of antibiotics described earlier.

She wanted to me to prescribe something. I have already advised her to give Calendula Q and Echinacea Q so I decided to search again on constitutional medicine and now I noticed that Puls has skin eruption which tend to occur on the base of nose, which is exactly happening here and also looked upon fear of dark in repertory in which Puls is also listed in second grade medicine.

So I decided to advised mom to give one dose of Puls 30 at night and to report me next morning. On next morning, she reported marked decrease in erythema involved with the boil and upon this I advised her to Puls 30c for two days and advised her to complete the antibiotic course.

After two days all boils healed, but on fourth day after finishing course of antibiotics and Puls doses the baby girl again have some red rash one on his scalp, one her forehead, and one on pinna and the mom as soon as seen this started him on Puls again and they are stable and somewhat reduced now.

Mom reported me that she has stopped giving Calendula and Echinacea upon this I advised her to start this again and continue throughout this monsoon season and call me whenever she develop new boils as she may need one of her constitutional medicine i.e., Puls or Sulphur according to the totality of present symptoms.

Hoping, she will not develop boils upon this treatment.


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