Treat Wrist Pain With Homeopathy


(due to Carnevale-Canun-Mendoza syndrome, Ganglion cyst, Gout, Joint injury, Kienbock disease, Rosenberg-Lohr syndrome, Scaphotrapeziotrapezoid arthrodesis, Singh-Williams-McAlister syndrome, Wrist conditions, and DeQuervain tenosynovitis) With Homeopathy

Please Tell Side And Location Of Your Wrist Pain

A. Right hand wrist.

B. Left hand wrist.

C. Outer side of the wrist.

D. Inner side of the wrist.

E. Back aspect of the wrist.

F. Front aspect of the wrist.

Please tell if your wrist pain extends to any other part of the limb.

G. Up to Whole arm.

H. Up to elbow.

I. Up to forearm.

J. Up to hand

K. Up to fingers.

L. Up to knuckles.

Please tell in which conditions it is worse or becomes worse.

M. It is worse in the morning.

N. Afternoon.

O. Evening.

P. Night.

Q. After exertion.

R. When grasping anything.

S. While moving wrist.

T. Upon pressing the wrist.

U. After warmth application and in warmth environment.

V. After/while writing or typing.

Please tell what things make the wrist pain better.

W. After moving the wrist for some period of time.

X. Rest.

Please tell your wrist pain is associated with

Y. A sense of heaviness/weakness/paralysis.

Z. A sense of twitching/clicking/

Please write down each option which are present in you alphabetically i.e., A E P Q Z and know the most effective homeopathic medicine for your wrist.

Summary: More detail regarding your wrist pain or any other problem if given in your words are most welcomed and of great help for me to determine your homeopathic medicines, but first give your set of symptoms in alphabetically and then a summary. Viewer if you have any questions, suggestions, or concern, please do not hesitate to ask/suggest me.


Rakesh Kumar, B.H.M.S., Lko

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Anantha said...

I went for a walk with my 22 mo old baby on a stroller one night. While getting on to a sidewalk, the transition was not smooth and I think I moved my wrist in an awkward position. Nothing happened then and I was home.
2. The next day, I woke up with pain on my wrist and thumb and thought it might be because of pushing the stroller for 2.6miles and ignored it.
3. The pain continued for a week or so and I was unable to hold the mouse with the thumb which is when I realized that it might be something more than just a pain.
4. I consulted the doctor who said that it is DeQuervains Tenosovytis and I was referred to a physical therapist and put me on Naproxyn twice a day. I took them initially only once a day.
5. The physical therapist visits were 2-3 times a week. Was given ultra sound massage, dipped my hand in wax once, gave some patch related electric treatment few times. But all these gave temporary relief for few hours and the pain came back.
6. Initially the pain was while holding the mouse in the thumb area but then after all the physical therapies it moved to the wrist area closer to the thumb intersection and the pain was becoming unbearable with some popping happening. I was not able to lift vessels nor do my dishes.
7. They took x-ray and it came out normal.
8. I then met with a hand specialist who also mentioned that it is DeQuervains and gave a cortisone injection. He wanted me to completely rest the hand with the splint, take naproxyn twice a day and wear the thumb spica all the time. I have been doing all this but the pain still exists.
9. Some times it hurts at the wrist area and sometimes slightly above where we normallly tie the watch. The pain is not continuous but when it comes, I feel like rushing to someone to get something done to calm it.
10. I consulted the hand specialist who says I should give it another week's time and if it still exists my options are either to go with second cortisone injection or oral steroid or hand surgery. That worried me and hence I started googling for alternate treaments and found your website.

Anantha said...


Dr. Rakesh said...

Please Take Rhus Tox 30C 3-4 pills three times at three hour interval a day until you notice any change (better or bad or any new symptoms) or for seven days.

Please it is not your constitutional medicine. I need more information about to confirm a constitutional medicine for you.

In the process of confirm this, please tell your eduction and occupation.

What is more important for you fame or money.

About your habit to dressing. Do you usually and easily get satisfied with this or not or you give a great importance to this.

Do you moved only your right wrist in awkward position or both.

rcp said...

Detailed interesting information provided in the form of case study.Useful for patients and to spread the informations about Homoeopathy.

Dr. Rakesh said...

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

DGSXY............there is pain in the inner side of wrist..Patient is also having BP but under control

Dr. Rakesh said...

"Anonymous said... DGSXY............there is pain in the inner side of wrist..Patient is also having BP but under control"

Please tell which wrist is affected i.e. right, left, or both.

Anonymous said...

Sir i am 25 yr female being diagnosed with kienbock's disease. The MRI suggests altered marrow signal with disruption of proximal and medial articular surfaces of lunate bone, though with negative ulnar variance and minimal fluid in pre-styloid recess. I had an injury on my right wrist 4 yrs back, and had persistent pain when writing and working. Kindly tell me if my condition is curable in homoepathy.

plz help

Admin said...

Ms. with kienbock's disease please contact me via email to askdrrkumar (attherate) Few peoples are really benefited via me without paying any fees.

Sandip said...

DR. Kumar i was diagnosed with Churg Strauss Vasculitis when i was 19. I am 26 now and have almost recovered but while on medication( steroids earlier & now cyclophosphomide) i have developed Keinbock's disease on my left wrist..Both my feet were affected by vasculitis & i don't want a hand also to go waste now.. Please Help.. Let me know if i can mail u my details and u can help me..Please sir

Esmeralda said...


sum said...

Suffering from mommy's thumb, suffering since last 6mths after was done by c-section and anti-d injection during 8 mths of pregnancy and immdesitely after delivery was given to me.
1. Side And Location Of my Wrist Pain- both hands inner side of wrist (thumb tendons)

2. my wrist pain doesnt extend anywhere, however my shoulder bones and back of the neck and upper back pains .

in following conditions it is worse or becomes worse.:
M. It is worse in the morning. (anytime when its cold)
P. Night.
Q. After exertion. (while using thumb)

R. When grasping anything.

S. While moving wrist.

T. Upon pressing the wrist.

V. After/while writing or typing.

Please tell what things make the wrist pain better.
W. After using hot water treatment on the wrists

X. Rest.

Please tell your wrist pain is associated with
Y. Inflammations (swelling) near the thumb tendons on both hands
2. redness near inflammation
3. difficulty in movement
4. extreme pain near the wrist if someone touches my wrist or i move the wrist.
5. feeling as if my wrist gets stuck at times alongwith an extreme pain.

I have already tried allopathic medicines, ayurvedic medicine from 2 doctors. But failed to recover.

Admin said...

Ms. Esmeralda and Sum and all other blog readers please mail ur problem to to get reply from Dr. Rakesh Kumar.

Simran Khorana said...

I Have de quervains disease after my delivery.

details as mentioned

kindly advice medicine


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