Taking Homeopathic Medicine With Allopathic Medicines


I often face situation where I have to give homeopathic treatment along with allopathic medicines advised other physician.

I do not prescribe allopathic medicine to my patient and when these are necessary I used to refer the patient to allopathic physician.

I usually use homeopathic therapeutic medicines not a polychrest homeopathic medicines or constitutional homeopathic treatment in such situation. I do believe this can cause some unwanted reaction while the patient is already got down by sickness.

I usually prefer to wait to patient recover from this acute condition and then give a homeopathic medicine according to the whole symptomatology represented during the episode of illness and the remaining sequelae of it. I usually use water dose initially in such cases.

The case given below is an example for circumstance for homeopathic treatment with allopathic treatment and my method of doing so. Whenever I am asked to give homeopathic medication while the patient is taking allopathic medicines, I usually use mother tincture or lowest potency and a homeopathic medicine who has marked action on that particular disease, disease location or systems involved.

One example case is presented here. For reading the original case click here and for the followup post click here.

Questionable CAMRSA Staph aureus Boils And Homeopathy With Allopathy

This breakout of small boils in this girl seems to be caused by CAMRSA staph aureus infections, as it is not responding quite nicely with antibiotic treatment consisting of amoxicillin and azithromycin. On third day of therapy, there is only 40% improvement. All the boils on nose and one on head are present, but usually they are less erythematous and raised. I advised her to give only Calendula Q and Echinacea 30 to enhance the recovery process. Mostly boils are in the form of solid erythematous papules with delicate looking overlying skin. One papule drained quite much pus in comparison to its size and it is now healing nicely. Some of boil are healing with leaving clotted blood overlying its opening. The child has now decreased thirst and she is urinating less, but mentally she is okay and does not like to wash it with water. The child has also lost some weight, which is common with any type of infection.

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