Online Free Acne-Case No-10 Whiteheads Leaving Marks


Chief Complaint: Acne with irregular and painful menses

HPI: This 20-year-old female requested online homoeopathic advice via email. She is suffering from whiteheads from a very early age, which are worse on forehead and are also present at chins and cheeks. The whiteheads tend to leave marks on face. She is suffering from this complaint since 2000 w varying stages of severity. She usually tend to have itching when the lesions are getting dried. She usually suffers from pimples everywhere in her face, papules on cheeks, and sometimes pustules especially before period and these pustules can be very painful.

Past Medical History:?

Past Surgical History:?

Current Medications: None.

Allergies: ?

Family History: ?

Social History:?

Review of systems:

Tall and Slim. Generally thirsty. Always hungry At times constipation. She does have trouble falling asleep and often vivid dreams often.

Mental/emotional: She often feels extremely angry with people, often have forgetfulness, but good long-term memory, affectionate, sometimes indifference, malicious, at times capriciousness, changeable mood at times, usually critics other and has faultfinding habit, and is very obstinate female (inflexible, fixed). - Yes, very much so

Menstrual Evaluation:

Significant for morning menstrual flow usually which is generally bright/dark red initially- then brown at the end in color with heavy, thin initially, then thicker and clotted

Irregular, usually late, and with severe pain and cramps and backache.

Homeopathic Assessment and Plan: After thoroughly studied the case Belladona is quite strongly indicated.

The patient is advised to take Belladona 200c three- four drops/pills three times for three days and is advised to stop the medication early if she notice any change (good or bad) and to report after seven days.

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missbradshaw said...

Thank you very much for your recommendation.

Just to clarify, I am being advised to take three 200c strength pills (Belladonna) three times a day? Or to take a total dosage of 200c daily?

Dr. Rakesh said...

3-4 drops/pills whatsoever you have three times at 10 minute interval so if you had taken 3-4 pills at 7 am then next 3-4 pills at 7:10 and the third on final at 7:20.

Repeat the same for two more days (total of three days)

But if you notice any change(good or bad) then do not take the next day dose and report me

Anonymous said...

Dr Rakesh,

Apologies for not replying sooner.
I took the stated dose for 2 days and stopped because I noticed a slight improvement. But since then my condition is more or less unchanged, and small bumps under skin remain.

I have also large amount of scaring and large spots and pimples on my jawline and part of cheek(only on one side of my face). I have read this is hormonal and I have only experienced this problem since being under a lot of stress, and for 2 months the affected area has not improved. I would appreciate any advice on these problems.


Dr. Rakesh said...

Do not touch your scar.

Apply Lemon juice with cotton on scars.

Apply Berbaris Aquafolium Q on scars and acne (put few drops in half cup of water and apply at once or twice a day)

Take Belladona 1M three doses at 10 minute interval weekly for one month.


Rakesh Kumar, B.H.M.S., Lko

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