Child with cough, vomiting of undigested food, fever with rapid breathing


This 1-year-old boy who was treated successfully for bronchiolitis earlier got fever and asked for homoeopathic treatment by her mother. According to her post “her 1-year-old son was playing outside while there was sudden cold weather. After dinner he started coughing a lot and vomited once for undigested food taken in afternoon. During night he got fever of 101 and rapid breathing.

From homoeopathic point of view, rapid breathing (asthmatic) due to cold weather was main symptoms and once again his constitutional medicines (according to my understanding) Puls and Silicia were indicated along with Chammomila and Nux Vomica.

As mother only give a brief history, she was advised “summary of your child fever typically indicates an pneumonia attack, but in the view of your son's past history it may be an asthmatic attack due to weather change and fever may be due to some thermal imbalance associated with.

If he has some runny nose and throat symptoms cough then he may have a viral infection.

Each of these conditions is worrisome as it would hold the development of your child.

With regards to medicine
If he is dull, feeling hot, thirstless, desire open air, and wants more care then you should give him Puls 30c three dose at 10 minute interval.

If he is thirsty, chilly, restless, desire to be carried out, red cheeks, kicking and crying then gave him Chammomila 30c at 10 minute interval three times.

If he is dull, chilly, thirsty, angry when disturbed, desiring much covering then gave him Nux Vom 30c at 10 minute interval.

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