Online Free Acne Consultation no. 4-acne of 19-year-old Girl Affecting Cheek And Forehead Leaving Scars


This 19-year-old girl from Goa studying in Mangalore (humid climate) asking online consultation for acne (pimples and papules ) affecting cheeks and forehead with whiteheads and blackheads occasionally suppurates without itching.

The patient was advised and asked: Acne sufferer should drink plenty of water (at least 8-10 glasses) normally. This helps a lot for acne. How much do you used to drink?

The patient answered that now she has started to drink much water.

Acne sufferer should try to avoid to get constipated. Constipation contributes greatly to acne formation. Do you are used to have constipation?

The patient reported that she has tendency to be constipated a lot.

Acne sufferer should not take too much stress and should take easy while facing problems in life. Living under stress causes over production of male hormones which in turn causes increased sebum production and causing acne. Stress also decreases the healing power of body significantly so there is double impact on acne upon being under stress. Are you are under stress?

The patient denied any over stressful condition
Her menstrual symptoms were significant for morning menstrual flow, bland menstrual discharge, bright red menstrual discharge, thin in consistency, suffering from dysmenorrhea.

Natrum Mur 30c three doses at 10 minute interval only for one day was advised on January 20, 2009 and patient reported good improvement one month on February 19, 2009 and asked for treatment for scar left by her acne.

Delayed response by her caused me to forgot her case and I do not see her post until March 16, 2009 and asked her that if she is waiting my reply then reply to me and post her present status.

Once again, the patient post delay and responded again April 6, 2009 and reported good relief of her symptoms.

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