Online Child case-2 18-month-old boy with fever and cough


This online homoeopathic consultation was requested by mother who had decided to treat his son homeopathically and have already brought in a homoeopathic kit "Helios Homeopathy 36 Remedies"

This 18-month-old boy has had an intermittent fever and cold for the past 8 days. Fever usually occurred in the morning with greenish yellow crusty mucus in the eyes. She tried Pulsatilla 30c by her own given green mucus and did notice significant improvement with Puls.

Mother further reported despite using Puls in the past 24 hours, the fever has gotten worse and boy has become lethargic. He wants to be continually held and is irritable.

Generally, he has a very big appetite, but a slender figure.

Mother did not want to give her infant son antibiotics!

Mother updated his son condition stating that he is waking in middle of night with an involuntary choking cough, can't seem to expectorate mucous. She reported that she reviewed and read homoeopathic books and is now unable to decide between Ant Tart or Ipecac.

I advised her to give Ipecac as it helps expectorate the mucous.

Mother gave Ipecac in the morning and noticed improvement and did well and at 9:30 am vomited up a lot of phlegm.

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