Online Acne Case No.4-Young Male From California with Acne on nose


This young gentleman asked for any product for treatment of his mild acne. His acnes are mostly located nose and they are itchy in the starting stage. They are mild to moderate in severity.

Given brief detail, these questions were asked
What kind of material comes out from your acne, if any?

Do you acne have any color to it, if any?

Height and weight?

Ability to tolerate heat and cold? Which one you tolerate easily and feel comfortable with this?

Acne sufferer should drink plenty of water (at least 8-10 glasses) normally. This helps a lot for acne. How much do you used to drink?

Acne sufferer should try to avoid to get constipated. Constipation contributes greatly to acne formation. Do you are used to have constipation?

Acne sufferer should not take too much stress and should take easy while facing problems in life. Living under stress causes over production of male hormones which in turn causes increased sebum production and causing acne. Stress also decreases the healing power of body significantly so there is double impact on acne upon being under stress. Are you are under stress?

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Ben said...


1. Most pimples have pus coming out of them, and they are yellow in color. Once a week I get a nodule on my nose and it is red and inflammed but nothing comes out of it.

2. 145 pounds, 6 feet 9 inches tall

3. I hate coldness, I like warm weather but I also hate extremely hot weather. Sometime my hands are cold.

4. I drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, but sometimes I forget.

5. I am constipated almost everyday. But I have been taking fiber supplements and now get 1 bowel movement in the mornings. But still my acne comes,but I feel my acne getting worser when I am constipated.

6.This is my major problem. I am stressed everyday. My acne causes me to stress more, I try to forget about it but its hard not to be stressed.

Thank you so much for your time and help.

Dr. Rakesh said...


If you are a habitual drinker and got angry easily and sensitive then you should take Nux Vomica 30c 2-3 drops/pills daily at night for one week and report on 10th day after 1st dose.

Ben said...

Dr. Rakesh, thank you for your response.

I do not drink, but I do get angry and am quite sensitive.

Where can I buy this Nux Vomica from?

Also I did some research on this and it said that this is poisonous at high doses.

How safe is this? Should I be concerned about the toxicity of this tincure/pill?

Dr. Rakesh said...

It is very very safe and would be of great benefit for your constipation also.

You can buy it from

Hahnemann Pharmacy
1940 4th St
San Rafael, CA 94901, USA

I searched it from google. See and tell that you can find.

Also describe what other problmes you are suffering, if any?.

Ben said...

Dr. Rakesh.

I tried this for 1 week and did not notice any positive results. Actually I felt more constipated during the time I was taking nux vomica then the time I wasnt.

It was worth a shot, thanks for the help.

DrRakesh said...

Ben it was a positive sign as right homoeopathic medicine was given, but potency was high for you.

Please post your current situation so i can you suggest you further and try to be somewhat compliant with instructions as last time you replied after about 30 days whereas you was asked to report after 10 days

Best wishes,

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