Follow-up On 1-year-old boy with fever and rapid breathing


This online case is from Florida.

Mother posted request at night locally and I reply soon the above three options namely Puls, Chamomila, and Nux Vomica., but mother saw that in morning and found Chammomila and gave accordingly, but she noticed no improvement.

So taken her child to his PCP who diagnosed him child with "bilateral ear infection and viral sore throat" as per mother and gave him "one antibiotic shot and oral antibiotics to be taken at home" as per mother.

? antibiotic for viral sore throat? May be PCP seen bacterial infection in ear.

Mother decided not to giving antibiotics by her own decision and asked for how to go ahead with homoeopathic medications for his ear infections and viral sore throat.

Mother reported in this post " today he has fever 103.7 and one vomiting. he is not eating solid just drinking milk and water.he has also got runny nose and watering from eyes and red cheek"

I assumed there may be ear effusions due to chronic nasal obstruction and asked that he is touching his ears or not. I reassured mother about viral infection and advised to gave him plenty of fluids, using an extra pillow for relief from head congestion, chicken soup, and advised to give Puls 30c.

But mother do not have Puls 30c and said that she had Puls 200c and posted "i gave one dose of PUL 200c in the evening, He got fever 101.7 after 1 hr of dose so i gave him fever medicine . he is feeling ok after medicine like he is playing but not drinking milk . he ate little bit solid .hereis update of his condition. cough - runny nose + fever+++ appetite+ . He seems tired . Please tell me what to do ?"

I advised mother to give Ferrum Phos 6x and Puls 200c 2-3 granules disloved in one glass of water and to be given one teaspoon from this one hourly.

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